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Here's Why I FIRED 50% Of My Workers!!!! | Mining After ETH


GPU Mining After Ethereum
In this video I needed to fireplace half of my mining employees effectively 100% of my GPUs lol they only arnt price mining on anymore. That’s okay trigger I nonetheless produce other methods to maintain on mining Crypto!!!

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  1. How do you “game” ergo? I know a few other crypto Youtubers said the same thing, and I know it involves jumping in right around when the difficulty drops, or spikes? Basically when The block times are much faster I assume?

  2. People like me who have "free" electricity (included with their rental) will keep mining alive until a coin gets hot again, it will happen again because there is just too much money to be made from it. Hopefully you can keep your cards until then.

  3. All of my 3080s, 3070Tis (they aren’t well liked anyhow), 3070s, 3060Tis, and 6800XT haven’t been fired…but def laid off for an unknown time. But would certainly entertain some inside scoop on CPU mining from the guru himself! (Before CPUs start to get scalped)

  4. Rabid Mining yes Sr. Man I got 11 of 22 CPU rigs active, yes Intel CPU’s hey I got them for free so no ROI needed lol and I am making little over a 1 dollar per day from each of them $12.52 as of yesterday that’s still about 350+ a month if profits remain the same .. and with free electric it’s all profits, but yeah if I get the other 11 CPU rigs going I would make 2x what an L7 ASIC miner is making @ 12c electric rate per month! that’s just crazy and using less power too.

    The real difference with CPU mining is you got to keep changing to the next best profitable coin, it’s not like ETH just set it and forget it (well there is no ETH anymore) so I see GPU and CPU mining is actually the same expect CPU mining is still profitable lol

  5. oof at using the dyson vacuum, regular vacuums generate a TON of static electricity, generally speaking you never want to use a vacuum on electronic components unless it's specifically an ESD safe model. Love the video otherwise!

  6. If you don't sell them then I hope you see the problem here. If 100K people did what you did, then the moment a coin shows profitability, you will do a video and that profitability disappears in a day. That is why GPU mining is actually hopeless. Only hope comes if people actually exit. But they won't because influencers selling hope. And everyone is a sheep, so they follow. I'm sure after 6 months this might change. Unless ETH dies? This mining death will be a pathetic exercise. These alt coins ultimately only exist to try and employ a few miners and get some money in their pockets. As for usefulness? None. Just a way to keep the doors open. Influencers need to make it real or the sheep will just hold their cards waiting for the day that will never come.

  7. Interesting. I've laid off 4 3080s and a 3090. My 3070 Tis are on notice. My Founders 3060 Tis crush my 3070s on efficiency with ERGO so definitely keeping them going. I'm good with it as the 3070s are free to mine KaPow and Flux which they are better at.


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