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HiveOS Mixed Rig AMD and Nvidia On One Rig Running Trex and TeamRedMiner


Hiveos Mixed Rig trex Teamredminer
In this video I have a look at organising a blended rig in hiveos with each nvidia and amd playing cards and get them working along with 2 miners Trex and TeamRedMiner on one rig.

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  1. Great video! Is there a way to lock core clock for AMD 6600XT in windows on a batch file for any of these miners? Currently I have to use T-Rex for nvidia and TeamRedMiner for AMD in order to do lock core clock in batch file. But for some reason the two miners conflict with GPU IDs and cause frequent and random crashing.

  2. How about payout? You get payout for total hashrate as single payout when threshold is reached or separate payout for each miner? Planning for mixing AMD to my present nvidia rig. Thanks in advance.

  3. i have to try to do two miners in one rig since i got 4nvdia card and 1amd vega 56(bios from vega 64) but when i apply my flight sheet it only working on one miner only which i put at position one , if i put teamredminer at first place it will only work at TRM, the nvidia card will no work at all and if i put trex in frs position in my flight sheet it only nvidia gpu work, the vega will do nothing i was find the answer for so long but still cant solve it TT

  4. Can you tell me how to install different drivers series in the same rig ? For example I have 2 RTX 3060's and 1 GTX 1080, but the problem for me is when I installed the 470.05 driver for my 2 RTX 3060's gpu, it's also installed to my GTX 1080 and vice versa. It's really helpfull if you can tell me how to install 2 gpu different drivers in the same PC 🙏🏻

  5. Wow…this fixed my Vega64 issues! And it lowered my at-the-wall consumption significantly! Gratitude. Subbed and liked
    However there is one issue…I noticed my mixed-rig is looking like yours with the AMD Rigs numerical and the NVIDIA's starting at zero again…so you have in effect TWO GPU 0's
    So what happens when you do amdmemtweak -i 0 ?

  6. I use Hiveos , but i can t use all gpu's, i use t rex and teamredminer at the same time, but it's useless, i can mine with 4x rx580 and 1x 1660S from Asus,but when i connect another 2 x 1660s Gainward,it won t work, i have a 2000w power supply

  7. You sir are great at explaining this, thank you for making this video as I have been wrecking my brain the past couple of days to fix the 'up-and-down' reported hashrate. I COULD NOT FIX IT! I have the same setup for a mixed machine, amd and nvidia and etherpool. My reported hashrate was just like yours up and down. People were telling me this is not normal, that most likely some of the overclocks are making it shut down and that reported hashrate is important. I assume you have made estimates of what you should be receiving of this mixed rig? Did the numbers match based on your total hashrate? That would be the proof I guess. Stay well and thank you once again for all the gold nuggets of info you drop!

  8. I did the same thing and came here looking for a way to get rid off the bouncing hashrate in the pool dashboard but alas. In the end I came up with a solution myself.

    In the flightsheet under "Setup Miner Config" I added _N for Nvidia and _A for AMD to the "Wallet and worker template". So it becomes:

    %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%_N/%EMAIL% for T-Rex

    The pool sees this as 2 workers with steady hashrates.


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