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Home Server PC Build For Staking, NODES, Solo Pools | Be Quiet! SILENT Base 802


Home Server PC Build
In This video I construct my residence server PC for the aim of staking crypto, working nodes, farming chia, constructing mining swimming pools, and of coarse consumer the additional sources to mine crypto.

✅Silent Base 802 Case: https://geni.us/Tbh0Fv (PAID LINK)
✅Dark Rock Pro 4 Cooler: https://geni.us/9V7UI3 (PAID…


  1. You should consider investing in a server rack instead of hundred of computer towers, at some point you will run out of space 🙂
    Happy midweek my brother Rabid and keep on building beautiful computers <3

  2. Feel your pain on your garbage 3060 Ti. Have a LHR GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 7982 MB · Gigabyte

    Micron GDDR6X · What a piece of sh.tt for mining when I get some profit out if, going to smash it with a hammer.
    I to me any NVidia DDR6x cards are crap specially Ti glad Nvidia got Hacked, LHR pricks. Generates lost of heat due to the DDR6x ship, has less Core and more power drawl. Are you making any profit of Chia Coin.. Nice build and your Videos have come along way more of a Matrix style.

  3. Is there a way to get more connection to the pulsar network? I only get 1. Been mining it for weeks now, have 3500 coins wallet is unlocked but have not received anything from staking…

  4. Yuck! Be Quiet… awful brand, they are the confirmation for why you can hear about good German engineers but not about good German merchants. They think about themselves as a premium brand but they are far far away. Good engineers, awful commercial policies. I really hate Be Quiet after my experience with them. Never again!

  5. this hashrate in the program probably does not show well, I can dial 300kh s on my 3900x.

    On the website, I have not yet seen a better result than 165 and today the average is 125.

    Coming back to the chat question if I'm solo mining and now shows me 151 hashrates and the time to extract a block in 2 days. If I turn off the computer tomorrow, I will have to count the time again from start or there is one day left to dig a block.


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