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How To Mine BITOREUM | Hive OS And Windows 10


In this video you guys needed to know find out how to mine Bitoreum so right here I’m displaying you guys find out how to do it.

Website: https://bitoreum.org/
Miner: https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/releases/tag/v6.17.0
(*10*) Exbitron: https://www.exbitron.com/signup?refid=ID7181FFE686
Coin Swap:…


  1. Hey just a dumb question. I have been mining for over a day and nothing coming into my wallet. I checked the address. its all good. I only have a ryzen 5 3600. does it just take longer till a large enough amount to come in to transfer?

  2. Bro.is that okay for amd 6700xt 8gpu. Etherum mining. Set FAN more than 80-90% ? because people say it will quickly damage the life of the gpu.. And what's the point benefit if we set the fan too high. Thanks

  3. Hello rabid i was mining bitoreum since yesterday but all of a sudden approx 10pm GMT time the cpu's stopped mining on all rigs the gpu attached to them rigs where mining but cpu would not so i rebooted but with no success. Not sure if anybody exprienced the same problem?

  4. Actually need more different coins for CPU mining to keep them profitable otherwise CPU mining goes to shit once how to mine video goes public. Everyone switch their miners to that coin.

  5. You don't have to put in the target coin. Also you left out for the people that don't compile there own miner the dev fee —donate-level 1 . I run dev free my self

  6. Por si hay alguien de habla hispana aquí, aprovechando que comenta sobre la diferencia entre hive os y windows para aplicar una flightsheet… Nunca pude hacer andar hive os con placas nvidia… solo me funciono en un rig con placas amd, jamas tuve problemas, pero luego probe en otros tres rigs diferentes, una con chip b450 y ryzen 7, otro con b550 y ryzen 9, otro ryzen 7 con chip a520, y otra con h510 con i3 10100…. en todos me pasaba siempre lo mismo: inicia y se llega a ver una pantalla de hive os, pero de inmediato se queda la pantalla negra, probé con distintos ssd, con pendrive, con distintas iso de hive oc, con balena etcher o con rufus… tambien quemando las imagenes desde distintas pcs, porque tambien me pasó que desde una pc el balena no me reconocia los dispositivos… Tampoco encontré mucho material al respecto en los foros de hive os… Al final me di por vencido solo tengo un rig con hive os y los otros 4 con windows…. 🙁


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