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How To Mine NETA On The ERGO Blockchain | Windows & HiveOS


How To Mine NETA
In this video I present you guys methods to mine NETA in home windows 10 in addition to HiveOS. Hope this video helps you out.

Ergo SmartPool: https://ergo.getblok.io/

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  1. I bought 7,831 NETA 2 weeks ago for 50 erg. Those 7,831 NETA are now worth 30.1 erg. They can give you 22% more because they're giving you 22% of nothing – it's just printed out of thin air. The thing is, I will have to mine something else until this bullshit is over.

  2. I mine Ergo on flypool. Since your video came out my estimated earning on ergo has gone down from $5.10 per day to $4.66 per day. The number of miners on Getblock has gone up by 256%. Now I'm being FORCED to mine NETA. Tell me, how is this a good thing? A lot more messing about, more to go wrong, more to manage, for less money. Meanwhile, the price of NETA has gone down from 137 = 1 erg to 260 = 1 erg, so the NETA that I was holding has been reduced by about 60%. How is this a good thing? This 22% has to come from somewhere, the value cannot be materialized out of thin air. Neta's reason for being is to produce anetaBTC – so where is it? These schemes are very often scams – robbing Peter to pay Paul. No value is being added. I wish you guys would take a more critical look before you start promoting these time consuming scams.

  3. I wish it was more common use for it but I been having a hard time with other coins I need how many wallet for how many coins to mine… if only there was one place to buy and sell without having to pay high price just at a lost when it comes to the amount you sell. Ya you mine this many at this price, but you sell and you are tax and you have to have Eth to convert it so you can sell.

  4. @Rabid Mining Realy basic/sortable stuff, the page did not colapse, but choosing auto in the auto select will not load. If you choose europe, or a US server, the page loads again problem free. i'm trying to mine coming from SOAT, and its not problem free, but once I've found out that issue, it's fixable.

    Not sure of profitable or not vs ETH, but always loved Ergo, minus the pool hopping vs Dificulty, the only thing that should be addressed by the developers.

  5. RM great content! right now I am still mining Flux, for testing I’ll mine that coin for a few days lol

    Also I think ALL pools should now start limiting miners .. have a max miner limit so when ETH goes PoS all the coins can still remain profitable! And lock out all big miner farm! Limit the max hash rate per miner account via wallet address as well


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