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How To Mine RAPTORUM | Like A BOSS!!! HIVE OS Edition


In this second a part of our the best way to mine Raptoreum movies I present you the best way to mine utilizing hiveos.

“tune-full”: true

HiveOS Installation Guide:

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  1. why would you advise to opt for B-Die and CL-14-3200 just to let it run 0.15V less at CL-something and stock speeds? (2444Mhz)
    For conserving Energy you could just opt for C-Die or E-Die, at stock speed, they do not make any difference

  2. I just want to say, HIVE OS is not mining. You need to show people how to mine it NOT USING A CRUTCH .. setting up the bat file manually… I will never use Hive OS… I don't hand company's money to mine. Th moderate gain you get… is negated with proper OCs now and undervolts. Afterburner curve control makes HiveOS worthless. I wish people would just teach people how to make bat files and not how to be braindead idiots. Teach people the right way!

  3. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I've been Eth mining for about 10 months now and you've inspired me to try Raptoreum on my Eth rigs, I'm currently running two Ryzen 7 3700X on two MSI X470 Gaming plus max Motherboards. Both rigs are mining Eth with 7 GPUs each. Every time I start mining both Eth and Raptoreum, the rigs last for about 3 to 5 minutes before crashing and I'll have to manually restart the power on the server PSU to get the rigs to boot again. What can possibly be causing this problem? The only thing I haven't done was Overclock the CPU in the Bios but I followed everything thing else correctly. Please help!

  4. Hi, You have actually convinced me to do cpu Mining also and instead of making 12 card GPU rig now I will make 2 Nos 6 card rigs and do cpu mining as well

    How much ram is required for best mining performance as I have seen your rig with 16gb and 32gb as well also I am thinking of using 370 motherboard, will it be ok ? Or I need to use 470 or 570 motherboard

  5. Two questions:
    Why don't you just keep a GPU in the rig and set dual flight sheet?
    Do you have to undo the "full tune" true setting after your first time launching. Also same for windows. I've only done this on windows so far
    Just bought a 3950x for 300 off eBay, dude said he has problems. Hope I can get it working!


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