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How To Pay For HIVEOS


In this video I present you learn how to switch funds to your Hive OS account to maintain your rigs up and operating.

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  1. Hello, how long is the balance updated? I ask because I'm new and I've been digging for several hours with a video card. No information about the balance comes out and I'm surprised how long it will take to update wallets.

  2. If u mine on hivepool, there is no cost if u mine on cpu/gpu rig. There may be a limit on the number of rigs, though. Also, the min fee-free withdrawal is 0.1eth or about a week if mining at 1gh.

  3. hi im new miner,new to hive os,almost 1 year using windows,nbminer,2miners pool,firs time try hive and i feel why i not jump to hive long time ago,very ez to setup,stable bla bla bla until i know i must pay if i use another pool,try hiveon for 2 days and its suck,profit way less than windows 2miners,back to windows or pay the fees or there is another way?


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