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How To Set Threads In XMRIG | CPU MINING


CPU Mining XMRIG Threads
In This video I present you set your threads in XMRIG it will work for XMRIG and all forks of XMRIG together with MoneroOceans XMRIG-MO for Windows 10

Line To COPY: xmrig.exe -a gr -o stratum-na.rplant.xyz:17056 -u RNrTxXxKkvdKJp7ZjKjGgZ1kKZeTUFyTVy.RabidWS -p x…


  1. If i start MoneroOcean with the bat file you suggested (setting up 10/12 threads), it will mine on Algo Ghostrider.
    If i start MoneroOcean with the App itself, it will mine on Algo Astrobwt.

    hmmmm, Idk if it's wrong or not, suboptimal or just fine. How to know if it's better.

  2. Hi I wanted to know if we have to pay on hive OS ??
    If we dual mine Ethereum (hive on pool) & Raptoreum (flock pool) ..
    On same rig !
    Do I have to pay or it鈥檚 completely free ! ??
    Kindly help !

  3. Go in config, for each algo remove first value. Voil脿.
    That's what I do to have the first thread always available, but you can edit that to use the threads you want, only on ghostrider you can only choose the core.

  4. A better solution for dual mining CPU and GPU on the same PC in my experience is to set thread priority for the CPU task to "7" and to set the task priority of the GPU task to "5". No hashrate on the GPU lost this way and CPU at 95% hashrate. Setting priorities in Task scheduler by exporting task, editing the XML file and re-importing however have in mind that if you start your miners by using a Batch file in Task Scheduler the task priority gets assigned to the CMD.exe and not the actual miner so you have to select the miner EXE file and add the parameters in the Task Scheduler task directly. Only then the task priority works correctly.

  5. Thanks Rabib, on hiveos i tried to had the option that way: "threads": 14 in that exact format but it never work still taking 100% of the threads. did someone find the syntax to do the same on hiveos?

  6. The affinity of the cpu for xmrig is less ideal as say 8 out of 16 threads activated, it uses the last 8 threads which is 4 physical cores. The better approach is interleaved threads. I am looking into this to fork a xmrig and change this.

  7. Haha, thanks man you see my comment on your other video about threads in Monero 馃寠 & ban here is a tutorial. Very attentive man, much respect for this one. Now hopefully, I can still mine on my 3960x and keep the temps FROM NOT hitting 87掳 or even game at the same time.

  8. Nice, I discovered this channel through Cursed Mining. You are producing great content鈥攎ore videos like this please. 馃檶馃檹馃挭 Happy to support your work.


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