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I Made My RTX 3090 More Efficient!!! And Added Extra Hashrate


RTX 3090 Hashrate and effectivity
In this video I lastly bought my 3090 added to my check bench to see what sort of energy draw it was pulling on the wall based mostly on a 80+ Gold PSU and tweaked it a bit extra not solely did I get extra Efficient I additionally gained some Hashrate win win

CPU MINING Profit Calculator:…


  1. But there is one major drivers problem with the 3090 ti if you have a rig, nvidea just released the driver 512.16 , but all other recent nvidea gpus just support the 512.15, so you can´t run a 3090 ti on a rig with other recent nvidea gpus, nvidea support just says they dont know when there comes a driver, which support all recent nvidea cards incl. the 3090 ti. Now i have a 3090 on my desk, and can´t use it with the 3090 ti , really bad nvidea.

  2. I would love to know if worth spending the extra for Platinum psu. I have a few gold rated ones left would love to see if it would be worth it to pay the extra 70 or so… Also have 2 gig gaming oc rtx 3080s been mining 197mhs at 297-309 watts. They have copper plate mod on vrms mining 1.5mm front and back pads for 17 months now just took the air compressor to them two weeks ago but they are on a gold thermaltake that's 7yrs old.

  3. @Rabid Mining have you seen people using copper shims on the gpu memory instead of thermal pads? You have to use special tape and be extremely careful but I have seen temps from over 100c go down to 64c!

  4. How are you getting those mem overclocks? I have 2 garbage MSI 3090's and one won't do anything over 1500 and the other one won't do anything over 1800. They also do that at 100C. In the winter. MSI and Zotac garbage…

  5. @Rabid Mining… how can I tell lolminer to ignore my 3090s when dual mining? It tries to dual mine on all gpus, but i want it not to on the 3090s. When it tries it fails my one 3090 with some error. I just want to exclude it from my dual mining, but keep the other cards dual mining..


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