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  1. Hi there
    I have 6 3090 card rig with motherboard B250A-BTC Colorful Technology CPU
    4 ร— Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz.when i made this new rig it was working fine but somehow sometimes 2 cards use to vanish while mining i have provided RM1000 ATX PSU Corsair make for 2 of each cards
    but still i dont know why they go missing.. have tried changing the psu riser connecting cabels actually what happens after 5 10 minutes of mining the cards lights blink an they vanish though
    i am understanding that this could be the possible psu problem but have tried everything an even have tried making a new pen drive for hive os also but still aint able to get the things going
    kindly help with the same and one more thing the hive os doesnt gives any error it all of sudden the card vanishes an it also forgets it ….. WIll be thankful if someone out there facing the same
    issue could help me out …. Thanks

  2. question, with the huge drop in price and increase in difficulty, at what point are you ready to 'give up' on RTM? for example I have been going at it since it started to become popular a little over 4 weeks ago. Am at a number that I feel comfortable with, where if it turns into something like bitcoin in a few years I could be set for life. However with continued mining of course comes current electricity costs. How soon is soon enough to be done?? would love anyones thoughts on this! ('be done" as in stop mining, and hold assets)

  3. Looks like you need a firewall that has a Cellular failover. Mining consumes very minimal bandwidth. This is one of those times that you make a business decision on if the overhead for a second connection is worth what you lose in lost production. For miners that are making over $200/day I think that answer is yes. If you are making less than $50/day, probably not.


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