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I Was GPU MINING AVN | Was It Worth It?


In this video I threw my GPUs from my Octominer Rig onto AVN for twenty-four hours to see simply how properly GPU Mining was and these are my outcomes!!!

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  1. Idk I spec mined a bit of AVN (when it was RVL) but it appears to be worse than a shitcoin, because not only it's copy of a copy of a copy with no purpose, but it doesn't even have a cute animal in the picture or name and won't try to appeal to meme coin hodlers…
    Also all those DDOS attacks on the network in the past, sudden unannounced disappearance of the main and official pool with no explanation including their discord then shameless comeback after a month…
    Then the name change, also sketchy, like they done something and trying to hide from it.
    Also there is already other coin with marking AVN…

  2. I'm running a 3900x @3.6Ghz and getting about 17kH/s but this only gets me about 400-500 AVN per day… is this normal? You are talking about 1500AVN/day for your 3900x…

  3. I mean that math works out OK, but the price was at 1 Satoshi… if it gets to 5+ satoshis (very likely) this would be insanely profitable until nethash caught up.

  4. Thanks for your testing, another great video as ever.

    So from what you've shown, mine the most profitable coin, and then buy the speculative crypto with the profits…

    I've been GPU mining eth and buy a little RVN to hodl before the halving… will only be holding £250 in RVN but this is quite an investment for me with only 300mh/s on eth split between hodl and cash out to pay bills and ROI..

    Loved the Monroe Ocean video, got one cpu on Ocean, one on RTM…

  5. i'm mining with 1050ti (don't laugh guys 😀 ), getting 6 mh/s
    I also have a ryzen 2600x but it's not worth, getting less shares than my gpu and using more power (95W vs. 65W)

    oh I see now the hashrate rised to 7,5 mh/s, great

  6. Are there any videos of the transition from RVL to AVN? RVL was quite sketchy and got shut down pretty easily and now they "rebadge" to AVN. What improvements have been made to make this worth mining?

  7. Rabid: when mining on X16RT. Increase the core clock while adjusting the memory clock down a bit to optimize it. Powerlimit wise its pretty much the same as on Eth.

  8. So I did a test as well I ran
    5 3070’s Non LHR @ 150core, 0mem @130watts averaging around 33 to 34 mh each
    4 1660 supers @ 150core, 0mem @ 95watts averaging around 16 to 17 mh and I was able to get around 17k coins per day. Total was around 230mh. I also tried solo mining for one day and hit 9 blocks. I did not test at the wall with my meter but the software wattage was around 1230 and my 1660 super were on 🔥 lol.
    Now I’m back on ETH.

  9. Single stock 5900X miner here..tried mining AVN for the past 48hours I've only made about 1700 AVN coins (avg 20KH/s). Is this normal? I'm using the SRB miner as it seems to have about 1-2KH/s more than CPU opt miner –threads=24


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