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INSANE!!! Nvidia Partners With Crypto Miners !!!!


Nvidia Partners With Crypto
In this video I check out an article that places Nvidia Partnering up with a Proof Of Work Crypto Chain (Miners) for the upcoming challenge of net 3.0 now what does this imply? Hashrate boosts on Nvidia GPUs? lol

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  1. It's because Flux want to move to a PoUw algorithm. Nvidia want a distributed gaming platform (where they can maintain market dominance). The computational potential is mind blowing.

  2. Something sounds a bit fishy about this news since Nvidia nerfed a lot of the new cards on many mining algorithms.

    Makes me question why Nvidia would join up with a blockchain.

  3. I had 3060s LHR on flux during a month and decided to put them back on ETH.
    Still my ancestor 970 gtx is continuing on flux though (as it can't do much more anyway).
    Well if it can help to bring new ATH to flux coin that will be welcomed by the community. I'd love to see Flux breaking the 5 euros mark… Hehe

  4. Mining is a money train for Nvidia. They will likely manipulate this so that it reduces the affect on gamers wanting GPUs, however…I always said you would be an idiot if you were a gamer and not mining while your computer is idle. Who would do something so dumb?

  5. Well this should strike a fear into ETH. Miners have no issue packing up and leaving ETH. Now the pressure on ethereum amps up. They can hear the footsteps. Nvidia bring on anyone is like getting a partnership with a company like Apple. Flux could pull the rug out from ethereum. Essentially in my mind, Nvidia has chosen a POW partner and on that basis, it doesn't get much more legit than that. What could possibly go wrong?

  6. Maybe with this partnership, Nvidia can finally release some latest game ready drivers that don't nerf my Flux hashrate on LHR cards…. maybe…..

  7. Ok so Flux is teaming up with Nvidia what is AMD going to have, if anything. Doubtful this will not get some reaction from The Red Team. Hopefully Nvidia will make more A2000 and above cards available.This will be interesting to see how this plays out and what will the pc tech youtubers who bash miners for buying up graphics cards have to complain about when Nvidia is getting into mining (AI & developement) Thanks for the information, have to watch this to see how this developes.

  8. basically they crippled cards with lhr now they partnering with crypto lol sounds like we were scammed. NVIDIA UNLOCK YOUR FUCKING CARDS YOU SCAMMING BASTARDS. ILL PAY YOU NOTHING FROM NOW ON.


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