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INTELS New Bitcoin Miner Is Looking Great!


Intel Bitcoin Miner
So beforehand I regarded on the ASIC Miner Intel was making for mining Bitcoin and it did not actually impress me or others to a lot. Well seems that was only a prototype and the specs and pricing on there newest is now reveled. This factor is wanting nice.



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  2. Where a company is based is not relevant to the tariffs paid on goods imported into the U.S. Unless Intel plans to make the ASICS in the United States, it will pay duties, taxes, and fees based on where the product is made. My guess is that if the ASICS are not made in the U.S., they will likely be made in Asia. Possibly even China.

  3. How do mining farms only pay 1-2 cents per kwh?? What kind of deal/ incentives do they have with the power companies or is this only achievable through solar?

  4. I’m buying when we get to TX for sure. Thank you for the great content as always. Gonna make a business account now LOL 🤘🤘

  5. ASIC mining is definitely not for me at this point. I would rather live in plain reality instead of fill my head with huge pipe dreams. ASIC manufacturers are all scammers and seeing INTEL jumping straight into that business model is really not surprising, INTEL is well known for anti-consumer practices lol


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