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In this video Lets go over an article which is pointing in direction of the likelihood that Celsius could also be going bankrupt and in the event that they do all funds locked will probably be gone.

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  1. RM everything I looked into about this company is on the level, the issue is they only keep about $150M in available liquid assets for clients that’s pulling out, the bulk of the funds has to be loaned out for clients to get their promise APY, the issue is the company they loaned out all their clients funds to take a major hit because of the Luna/UST issue.. there is allot more on that but the root cause is not with Celsius ..

    this is true for any High APY accounts with any company .. your funds are loaned out at high risk for high gains .. you gotta read the fine print that 20-200% APY funds is coming from somewhere with high risk!

  2. blockchain is good. because every year. computer seconhand very much. if dont have blockchain (xmr). and very much computer seconhand is very bad.and all computer seconhand go to Garbage not value…. and now,blockchain pos = troll. good bye dont again.all only need blockchain pow is true to future.

  3. For someone that keeps saying you don’t know and are just guessing you just told us you think they are scamming everyone and they should just have coins to give out lol. I’m sure they reinvested all the coins that or borrowed on them. If you are getting interest for a deposit then it’s being reinvested in something. Regular banks do this everyday. But they have fed to borrow money each night

  4. It depends… You can track some of their funds like 23,962 btc + 400k steth and a few more. They are indeed paying back some loans that they have. I think they can either sell the business, or slowly open back withdrawals with a daily or weekly cap until people can take all there money out and then shut down. The only unknown is if they lost money on the institution loans or margin calls. i'm assuming everyone wants a piece of Celsius because there are plenty of users loans that are over-collateralize by 300%.. The radio silence does not look good!! They probably need a lifeline like blockfi or voyager. Would be interesting to see if Binance picks that up..

  5. Another story sadly which will not help with the adoption of crypto-currencies 🙁
    No wonder everyone is calling the whole technology "Ponzi scheme". It actually makes you wonder if crypto-currencies is actually what we need. Maybe what we just is just a real REVOLUTION…
    Anyway, take care my brother Rabid and hope you did not have anything on Celsius because indeed they probably won't come back…

  6. they are going to screw everyone over and that will teach people stop keeping you coins in exchanges there not yours once there in there. and they will be used to pay off the depts 100%


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