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I've Been Mining With The Ipollo V1 Mini ETC Mini ALL WRONG


Ipollo V1 Mini ETC Miner
In this video I’m doing a contact up on my Ipollo Mini ETC miner and it appears like I’ve been mining all fallacious time to modify it up!!!

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  1. My thought about ASICs will probably never change, they are huge money grab, these manufacturers are probably running them since months/years in house and then start to sell them to people when they totally get their R&D investments back, or like the iPollo V1 Mini when the device almost reached its end of life LOL
    Of course, they sell them anyway very expensive in order to control the network difficulty increase and the competition.

  2. My first thought on this was about those power connectors: Are those regular PCI power connectors? Can you use a standard switching ATX power supply? That would we awesome! I'd sure love to use 1 power supply for 2,3, or 4 of these things while using 240v power on 1 ATX power supply. Or can their power supply use 240v power?

  3. Question – What are you using for solo mining pool information ?

    FYI, one of the other YT channels that has talked about the iPollo device has received an email from iPollo that they are looking at releasing a firmware upgrade (date not announced) that will allow the iPollo to mine a few others coins when ETC isnt an option.

  4. You bought that machine in us dollars, and if you want to get roi you should only calculate how much dollars you get at the time you get the coins. Holding and selling later, has nothing to do with mining or the machine. Most people are either ignorant about basic finance or just lie to themselves like you do here. If you want to think that way, then calculate how much coins you paid for the machine.

  5. Yeah so I’ve seen the same mentality at Sebs Fintech aswell. I don’t like to speculate ROIs like this. It’s like measuring your 8 cm penis with a cm ruller then you talk about 8 inches to your girlfriend. I’m gonna keep on mining tho, and I also think we’ll see a bullmarket soon, I just think thats a bit too optimistic mindset.

  6. From a purely statistical/mathematical point of view, solo mining is neither more nor less profitable than pool mining. The expected value of the rewards is the same. The difference between pool mining and solo mining is the variance of the reward value. Pool mining has a low variance, which means that your actual reward of e.g. for a month will be close to the expected value. For solo mining, you have a high variance, meaning that perhaps your reward might sometimes be double or even triple the expected value and sometimes even zero, but on average (over a longer time span like a year), the actual reward will be close to the expected value (which is the same expected value as for pool mining).

    Additionally, if you are solo mining, the amount of blocks that you get is not affected by whether other miners on the network are solo mining or pool mining, as long as the total network hashrate/difficulty stays the same. This means, that you won't get less blocks when other people decide to move their etc hashrate from pool mining to solo mining.


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