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LOLMiner 1.63 Made GPU's Great AGAIN!!! | KASPA UPDATE


lolminer kaspa replace
In this video lolminer simply launched a brand new model and it made GPU Mining worthwhile once more even at 11 cent energy!!

lolminer 1.63: https://github.com/Lolliedieb/lolMiner-releases/releases



  1. for 3080 you can easily set PL 115 +mclock 810 and receive 815-830 MH/s with 115W, this kind eff higher than using offset. but for 3060/3070 this trick is not works cause PL cant be lower than 100 so offset+lock core is better.

  2. does anyone have example for Windows? how to reach the same efficiency in windows pleas? the whole string to copy and paste into bat file? 3080 would do though i have 3080ti

  3. The reason you have to reboot is because you changed the core. HiveOS overides the OCs from the OC section instead of the flight sheet if you make a change. Always make sure your power limits and fans are set to a safe level for this reason. If you have to make changes there just re-launch the flight sheet. Also, BZminer has a new beta release that increases MH. I’ve been testing lolminer, running into issues. Crashes and had to use TON as the algo instead of Kaspa. Also my drive with the OS wasn’t recognized after switching to lolminer. Trying to give lolminer a fair shot but I’ll keep you posted.

  4. seems bzminer is better at this for now, my 3070ti get 737mh/s while the 3070 get 500+. that 485 is about the same on 3060ti. cant give exact number on the 3070 and 3060ti cause i turned off my 24 gpus cause my electric rate is now $0.23 per kilowatt. i am now looking around for cheap 2nd hand/used phones for dero mining, my cheap chinese phone with a dimensity 8100 chip is getting 1.7kh/s @ 3-5w. the snapdragon 855 or higher should be around 2kh/s or so.

  5. I’m happy some coins are going into green even if it’s just for a bit people will get of my coin (Meowcoin) I think what they are doing NEEDS TO BE SPOKEN ABOUT MORE! They are saving animals lives and it’s really just amazing I hope they go to the moon not just for the miners but for all them cats, I’m a dog person but still I’m proud to say I mine meow coin ❤

  6. Here's the command:
    wget [Insert Github link directly linking to the .tar.gz file here] && miner stop && cp -adpR lolMiner_v1.63_Lin64.tar.gz /hive/miners/lolminer/1.62 && miner start

    If you get "no miner screens" error, just remove the "&& miner stop" portion.

  7. Yes, this works on all core intensive coins I have tested. Been doing this for over a year and BEGGING hive to allow us to set BOTH locked core + core offset but they just ignore me.

    EVERYONE, PLEASE contact hive and ask them to allow setting BOTH core offset + locked core + locked memory speeds from within the GUI. This way we can get these improvements on all coins and not have to restart the rig after every change.


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