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MASSIVE Crypto Crash | This Is BAD…But Normal?


Crypto Crash
In this video I wanna go over the rationale you have to cease holding your crypto on exchanges and all of that is regular cycles be rdy for the longer term.

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  1. Anyone who isn’t either living on crypto, or planning to sell in the immediate future should be celebrating this large dip and hoping it goes lower. I’m excited. I’m mining enough Doge and LTC every day to trade it for 250 Flux on my way to reaching 10,000 flux. I couldn’t have done that back when flux was at $1.30 and Doge was $0.06-8. I had goals for how much Flux, Kadena, BTC, ETC and ETH I wanted to hold by end of year, and it looks like I should reach those goals easily and then some! Had planned to buy more ASIC miners, but that is out the window for now. Accumulating crypto now.

  2. This is why I always thought that all the defi project are scams.
    They all take your money, promise huge return on investment and then you find out they take your money and reinvest it, when you withdraw some cash they just pay you from some other schmuck deposit, like a pyramid scheme.
    Don't get me wrong, banks do the same, the different is that when bank goes under you at least have some cash out of it.
    My father bank went under last month, no one panicked, I don't remember if government took over or they sold it to someone else but he still has his money and can go to atm.

  3. Rabid Mining you know the more I see this it remind me of normal stocks, every few years VC and hedge funds normally payout to their investors, I would for it’s the same for their crypto investments because around this time of year every few years they do this, and being crypto they may be pulling the out or selling the crypto for dollars that seems to cause this major drop and if whatever they invent in can’t payout just cause a crash! Anyways awesome content!


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