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MoneroOcean CPU MINING PROFITS | Bear Run Mining Is Looking GOOD!!


In this video I check out the previous week of my CPU Mining Profits from MoneroOcean and they’re trying fairly good.
8x 3900x
2x 3950x
1x 5950x Part Time

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  1. Thanks for creating the video. I understand that you should use a 3900x or better to setup a CPU miner. If you are going to use a rig for GPU mining, can you step down to a lesser CPU if it wont be mining ? If so, what CPU would you suggest using ?

  2. Well to me it still looks like cpu mining is not profitable at all. Did you calculate the electrical cost before reporting the profits? What would be your ROI for all 11rigs?

  3. 3.8 1v is the sweet spot. Also the 5950x doesnt perform that much better than a 5900x. I average 3k on 5900x and 3.8k to 4.0k on 5950x.

    Also you have 11 cpus, you could mine everything at the same time lol. I have one going to inodez, one on monero, and one directly to my wallet.

  4. thank for all your content> it all helped push me towards getting 2 more ryzen cpus 5800xand 5900x to and even got 12600 that mines when not gaming like your 5950x situation. great work man even thourgh your in canadia lol jk always get to see conversions of the dollar ..

  5. take 9 rigs divide into 3 sets 3 on avn 3 on monero and 3 on your choice[rtm?] add total hash rate for each set of 3 and difficulty. Because you have few days there income was substantially different was it hash power or difficulty. Have a same day true comparison since market and difficulty has changed just in past two weeks. if im stating this correctly lol even over 3-4 day test average with all three since everything has changed since your last video months ago

  6. Rabid Mining.. another great 👍 content.. I wanted to know your AVN and RTM direct mining profits… also what do you mean @7:57 you make more than $1 per month with cpu .. you mean more than $1 per day?

  7. Hi Rabid, do you have a plan evaluating efficiency with less cores? Like hashes/w? Maybe half cores might save quite a bit of power at little cost in hashrates?

  8. What's your average wattage for your rigs? My 5950X won't go below 150 and my 5900X won't go below 125 so letting it run for 24h it costs me @0.25$ per kWh (150/1000*0,25*24) = nearly 1$ per day for the 5900X… one rig… I am not sure where I have an error in my calculations but how low does the electrical cost be for it to be profitable… i am so confused…

  9. Hi Rabid. Thanks for the good content. I have the exact same rig setup as you – MSI X470 and even the same mem. For some reason I cannot adjust voltage higher than 1 volt in the BIOS – If I go 1.0625V then the rig wont boot and I have to reset by taking out the CMOS batt. So I cant run my 3900x at stock 3800 but have to clock down to 3600 for stable op. Any thoughts?

  10. a little tip dont marry your coins sell them if you dont your be in the sht sell let none miners buy them , what you got remember if theres no supply then the price goes down not up people got to be able to buy them , so all this hodling will make your coin crash .

  11. I wouldn’t even touch the voltage just overclock until it crashes then back off a smidge until it doesn’t crash to really notice a difference you have to crank the voltage on it and the hash rate increase you get isn’t worth it plus you are frying the cpu even with good cooling


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