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Most Profitable CPU MINING Coin | Here are the Results


Profitable CPU MINING Coin
Here are the 1 week outcomes to seek out out what coin is the most worthwhile with regards to CPU Mining.

Rabid Mining Discord: https://discord.gg/wXkMhztBDx
Rabid Mining Website: www.rabidmining.com
Parallel Miner Referral: https://www.parallelminer.com/?wpam_id=197

Best Mining CPU:…


  1. hello, I can mine with both the processor and the gpu, I get the error la la only on the same rig. I couldn't find a solution for it. I would appreciate it if you could help me, I wrote what I wrote from google translation, sorry if it's wrong

  2. what hashrate are you getting on monero ocean? Im gettin between 7-10kh and only getting $.60-.70 a day on a ryzen 5 3600 with c3pool…You're getting $2.30 a day with just your CPU?

  3. Mining isn't it worth for the most of us, if you consider energy cost and cost of the hardware (if you buy extra hardware just for mining). Also if someone makes 10 $ a week, it's not really money. The high load on the hardware makes a hardware failure also more likely.
    Of course, if it's fun, do it, but don't do it for money, would be my guess.

  4. sorry to ask you , but what is it that you use below the motherboards there? is it the foam which normally comes with that type of gear inside their boxes? if yes is it safe due to temperatures etc? thanks


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