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MOST PROFITABLE CPU MINING Coin Revealed | 6 Coin Test Results


Most Profitable CPU Mining Coin
In this video are the outcomes of probably the most worthwhile coin to mine in your CPUs. I went threw 7 days testing 6 completely different cash RTM, AVN, MoneroOcean, Scala, Haven, and (*6*). More check shall be coming quickly simply let me know what you want to see examined. All cash had been mined on…


  1. If you are mining, daily "profitability" should not be your main concern, at least not if you are mining to make money long term. Your goal should be identifying a project that makes long term sense to stack with the goal of cashing out later for health long term capital gains.

    With that being the goal, examining the trade volume and trading market for your target coin should be part of the equation.

    You are not going to stack a lot of Monero, so it is going to take a huge percentage gain from it's current rather high price for you to make good long term capital gains and while as a percentage they may be good, you won't have enough of those coins to see outsized gains.

    For a more speculative coin like Raptoreum, AVN, and such, you will be able to create a substantial Hodl amount of the coins. While Monero doubling like AVN doubling would only double your dollar value with either, the odds of a Monero doubling twice are much lower than a more speculative coin like AVN or Raptoruem because of a low price point. While RTM has been as high as about $0.08 it is about $0.008 today. While AVN was peaking in value at around the time this video was recorded it is down considerably today, but if you have 1000 coins that can double in value 3x because they moved $0.01 in price versus having 1 Monero that will need to move $200 in price to double 1 time, the 1000 coins are far more valuable.

    This kind of mining is for the most part a speculators play. Identify coins that have a sensible use case, preferably no pre-mine ICO involved, and some technological advantage that makes them interesting and stack those first and foremost.

    Next, stack coins that have longevity and some other rationale to add to a HODL protfolio.

    After that, stack a coin that is difficult to mine because it has an established market and can reliably provide revenue if you were to sell it off to pay for electrical expenses for example, like a Monero.

    If you can devote a portion of your operations to a diversified set of coins like you have done here, that probably makes a lot of sense. Stack multiple speculative plays and mine a not so speculative coin with a very practical daily use case and market like a Monero to hold if you can hold it while eating electrical costs, or sell it regularly to pay those costs.

    That is just my take, but it seems to me that if you are going to mine for gold, gather more of the fool's gold that may become real gold. This portion of any mining strategy should be your pure speculative play, but thinking about it strategically.

    Mine coins with legs in the market or some edge that makes them promising first. Mine coins with legs and no edge second. Mine purely speculative luck coins third, and probably mine more steady marketable coins like Monero last, but if you have the resources devote a half to the steady Eddies like Monero.

  2. Hi, next time justo do a final slide with all coins listed, earnings and conversion to final dolar price on marketprice, so, its going to be easier to show the most profitable in the end, also, in the final slide you can show the dropdown curve of the latest 7 days on the mining coin so, it could show the expectation on how is the current profitability, and show the last day on this coins, this shall be the best way to show that CPU miner currently doesnt even pay the energy cost.

  3. AVN is not profitble anymore , big diff and hash increse , with ryzen 9 3900x – 5900x at this price coin you cant hit 0.50$ . I dont undestand how someone can see avian thet cheep ,

  4. Hi Thank you for the video. New to mining. Purchased a X79-5 MB last week. Mining CPU until I can get the GPUs purchased. Will be digging into your other videos and watching.

  5. I mined moneroocean for 24hrs but only got around 0.0033 xmr. I got a ryzen 7 5800x and some other random older cpu's powering my eth rigs that I let cpu mine cause why not let them do something too lol.
    But in no way can I seem to get as much xmr in one day as you. Any idea? My hashrate averages at 12kh/s it seems

  6. Since you are the expert on the CPU mining front, at least as far as I know, I would like to request that you do a hashrate test from the pool side/payout on the same CPU (3900X) at different overclocks and temperatures. I.e. 3.6, 3.8, 3.9, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 Ghz, and at different fan speeds corelating to the temperature. I hope that's not to much to ask but it should be very good information and entertainment. I know it might take a very long time to get this data down. Thanks.


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