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Most PROFITABLE Raptoreum Mining Pool


Raptoreum Mining Pool
In this video I examined 3 mining swimming pools Flockpool, Supernova, and 011Data pool which is our group mining pool which I exploit. I went threw and examined throughout 3 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 18 hours, and 24 hours needed to go longer however bumped into points keep tuned for updates!!

Pool Website:…


  1. Can you do a video that describes the difference between mining pools. It is confusing seeing PROP, PPLNS, PPLNT, and SOLO. I really don't understand how a pool that has both PROP and SOLO work, would love a explanation video.

  2. When I first tried your pool it seemed like Flockpool was more profitable. I swapped back to flockpool and realized profits were down significantly across the board. Now I am back on 011 and 24hrs profits are higher than what I was getting on Flockpool. Thanks you da man!!

  3. How long do i have to wait to see profit? Its been 3h and still 0 RTM on 011data pool.
    Im coming from flockpool and i would like to give a try on 011data pool even my 180ms ping from EU i did not have stale or invalid shares. So its seems to be possible take some profits. Thanks for the testing!

  4. I’m completely new to this crypto. And thanks to your content I switched to your pool. But I didn’t find a way to verify my hash rate against your pool (like rplant has).

  5. How you doing sir? Love all your videos. I was naughty and sold some raptoreum when it hit 8cents. and with the monays got a 3950x today(second hand fb market cheapest one in the uk!!). with one stick of ddr4 at 3600 with the xmp enabled its getting 4500 on the benchmark with miner 1.2.4 – very happy with that. thats with pbo limits raised – edc /ppt/tdc manually to 220 on all three. but nothing else done – ive not locked the cores or anything. gonna see what locking the cores at 41 , 42 etc actually does. my 3900xs get 3600 on the 1.2.4 test benchmark – thats with cores locked and edc/ppt/tdc raised a bit. folks be careful raising edc/tdc/ppt – you can blow your motherboard power stages. ryzen master tells you what actual limits are in place and on asus motherboards the actual pbo setting are in TWO places – crazy – so to release the beast you have to change pbo in two places in the bios. msi boards are the best though cos they do the headless

  6. Just picked up hardware to build 7x 3900x rigs. All components are identical except the memory. The only difference is the CAS latency, 14 vs 16. How will this affect mining Rap?

  7. in your previous video a few months ago you used rplant to mine raptoreum… also it isn't much of a comparison if you drop supernova in between and also stop the test within 24 hrs. you could have gotten lucky at the 24 hour mark. Kindly do a longer re-test to average out the fluctuation…. as Michal Zurkowiski correctly pointed out….

  8. How are those Ryzen chips hashing that well at 1volt? Didn’t GN do a test a while back showing the performance hit the 3000 series takes from undervolting any more than a .05 offset? Side note- thank you Rabid for such informative content, really appreciate what you are doing here!

  9. What RAM do you use and what clock of RAM is the best to use and CPU cooler? Is it worth investing in water cooling?

    Ryze 9 3900X is out of stock

    Ryze 9 5900X will dig the same ?

    What is better to use 2 x 9 5900 X Or 1x Ryze 9 5950 X

    Threadripper motherboard is expensive and I think it is not worth go that way

  10. Thanks Man, Subscibed! I was in rplant and switched today and got alot more shares already. My xeon server CPUs are crushing it alot more, not to mention my AMD CPUs

  11. Any tips for a ryzen 5800x? Just started mining yesterday, did full tune on 14 threads so I can still do something on my PC. hashrate says around 1000 h/s which seams little low. It has been running now for about 8 hours

  12. I’ve gotten to the point where I diversify my pools for everything now. My lower hash rate builds goes to smaller pools and my big hashers go to big pools

  13. nice promotion but your pool has server only in US so… and 24 hr data is not enough you are clearly manipulating data there i can also cherry-pick 24hr data and make my pool look great


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