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Nicehash 100% LHR Unlock, BTRM Added To CPU Profit Calculator, Random Stuff


Nicehash 100% LHR Unlock Bitoreum CPU Mining Profit Calcultor
Lets go LIVE and speak about some latest issues which have occurred.

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  1. Hello ! thank you for your vidéo. I'm curious about the effect of this new mining breakthrough with old rtx 3060 v1 : To buypass the first limiter, you had to go through the gathering of several factors (pcie 8x, gen3, hdmi dummy, windows driver 470.05). I wonder if it's possible to use those "old cards" and get full hashrate on a classic 1x riser in a classic mining rig. using 6 to 12 v1 3060 on a single rig with full hashrate would be mindblowing. By chance, Could you test a rtx 3060 v1 card please? thanks !

  2. BAD NEWS AFTER BAD NEWS, THIS IS BAD FOR ALL US MINERS. Profits are thin and huge amount of lhr cards are held by big mining companies, check Eth hashrate. This just cut our profits even more. Check your eth profit guys. This unlock is BAD for All miners regarding if you have lhr or non lhr cards.

  3. You need to select Optimise in the dashboard as your Power Draw is too High. On my Gigabyte 3060ti LHR, I get 58-59 MH/s (Sometimes hitting 60MH/s before dropping back) at a constant 118W at 56C.
    One very important thing to know is that multi-tasking whilst using NHQuickminer doesn't allow some other programs to work at all if they make large calls to access the Graphics Card. This applies to HW Monitor and in my own personal case PowerDirector (Video Editor) and PhotoDirector (Photo Editor). Besides that, it performs flawlessly.

  4. Thanks for playing this cool song during the countdown again. This song is appropriate for a huge comeback by GPU mining when the grave was being dug. GPU mining is back!!!!!!!!!!! ⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️


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