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Nvidia Delaying RTX 4000 Series? | Nvidia Shenanigans


RTX 4000 Series Delay
In this video I am going over an article the place it seems like Nvidia shall be delaying the RTC 4000 Series.

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  1. Tons of gpu's here in NY, even bestbuy has had 3070 FE's for a week or more. Personally, I will never buy a 4000 series card. Ebay is loaded with anything you could want.

  2. these the videos you should be putting out… man the crap about PLSR when you made that video about it being GPU mineable.. man that made me so upset that you did that.. but whatever…
    these kinds of videos are more informative an everthing.. very nice

  3. nvidia's got a plan here. rtx 4000 not be rushed when the market full of cards. The ethereum not going anywhere this year i am quite sure we will be seeing merge around march 2023, if things go well.

  4. Im in the uk work for amazon today 3070ti for £619 with my discount £550 never took the card i have the money to get want ever i want just want give NVIDIA my money.

  5. NGREEDIA just wants to keep price of GPUs as high as possible in order to justify very expensive pricing for its power hungry RTX 4000 lineup.
    Corporations are not here to please people anyway, they are here to MAKE MONEY :$
    Have a great weekend my brother Rabid <3

  6. If NVidia was smart, they would launch RTX 4000 right now, because PoS is likely still a few months away. Imagine they launch in december and then eth goes PoS. What they are trying to do is avoid competing against the flood for which they dont even have a date. Imagine PoS gets delayed past december, how far will NVidia delay RTX 4000. They should just really launch it now. This ain't no flood, not by a long shot. In a real GPU flood, 3090's will be $400, 3070's $150. When that happens, then we have a flood on our hands. We arent even close to there yet

  7. I noticed below MSRP for 3090ti FE at Best Buy Ca. This must be the first time a 30 series FE was on sale? NL's local market got a selection, but not flooded.

  8. They had to, because of price gouging. I’m not sure they’ll be able to release them this year at all. You missed when they tried renegotiate the purchase of silicon wafers. Miners were not the only people buying gpus during the lock down and in fact we only accounted for 30% of gpu sales. The new generation may not be good for mining anyway at least that’s what the leaks suggest. I have zero plans to update my power supplies so that rules out the new cards for me at least.


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