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Nvidia Did It Again!! Set To Discontinue All Current 3000 Series SKUs For Anti Mining.


Nvidia Anti Mining
In this video I have a look at some tales about what Nvidia is doing. Looks like Nvidia and AIBs are discontinuing all present 3000 sequence GPU SKUs and all the pieces now with have the anti-eth mining bios lock in them.

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  1. Its a good thing that there are mining algorithms that are not only ASIC and FPGA but also GPU resistant such as randomX. I think long term cryptomining will switch to back to CPUs to increase the decentralization of mining.

  2. Just don't agree that old RTX will be like gold. ETH in July will reduce profits by 30%. So, buy old expensive GPU vs buy new GPU and mine simething else. Well mine something else for me.

  3. Fucking disgusting anti-consumer bullshit. The man-children celebrating this had better not come crying when Nvidia starts locking them out of other "non-gaming" workloads.

  4. Why would nvidia do this? I wish someone who uses these new ampere cards to decode cancer/covid proteins has their performance cut by half, they sue nvidia, then cnn/fox headlines say "Nvidia wants kids to have cancer and nvidia is powering the covid pandemic". Good thing I already have a 2070 super. Or I hope the new ampere cards cut gaming performance by half and gamers sue nvidia, then cnn would say "Nvidia hates video gamers". This would be the 1 and only time I would like cnn.

  5. To bad I dont think this will fix anything. Its the scalpers that are raising the prices and hording cards. When the new card come out scalpers will buy up most of the stock. I dont think miners are the biggest problem.

  6. ethereum already confirmed eip 1559 so whats the point of all this shit 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 nvidia is so stupid the are so far behind when it comes to prepare and calculate mining in theyr bussines.

  7. even if i wasnt a miner this is going to make me not buy nvidia cards anymore
    its my property im paying for it
    because of this i get to do whatever i want with it
    nvidia nor anyone gets tell me what i can and cannot do with my property

  8. 100%. They want miners to buy their broken 3080s and their old Turing chips they are jamming into mining cards. Problem is that most EXPERIENCEd miners wont be snapping these up unless significantly cheaper….which they will not be cheaper. Nvidia will sell them to AIBs at premium and AIBs will add additional premium. Nvidia gets richer, everyone else gets it stuck to them. super


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