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NVIDIA GPU Price Increase | Hey Why Not Right?


NVIDIA GPU Price Increase
Nvidia is as much as it once more guess it seems like it’s time to improve the worth of its MSRP on FE GPUs.

Article: https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-quietly-increases-prices-of-geforce-rtx-30-founders-edition-cards-in-europe

📫If trying to ship merchandise for evaluations and builds📫


  1. The truth is that PC gaming is dead. The only one who buys a gpu and will by it, is an idiot or a guy who will mine. You have to be very stupid to spend several thousand usd to build a PC in order to play some COD once in while in the evenings…

  2. Nvidia France tell us that they do this because the conversion euro/dollar today is not the same as last year 🙄. What a lie ! 1 euro was back in September 2020 1,18 dollar and now 1 euro is 1,13 dollar ! So the euro worth 4.3% more than the dollar since the release of the 3000 founders éditions ! Wtf !
    And the price in Europe are all taxes included 😃.
    But here in France, only one store can sell FE. LDLC store, and only online so the charge you 10€ for the shipping ! Even for 3090 at 1500€ they will charge you 10€ for the shipping and it s only normal shipping not the fast one !

  3. Supply and Demand. Raising prices until they don’t sell is the smart play and then slowly drop them until they sell. As long as there is demand and low supply prices will increase as they should.

  4. I know this is just reading the news and providing insight on top, but I really appreciate this format compared to some other channels that just splice their livestreams, then stitch in product advertisement in between. They even stutter and not prepared to share to the viewers. Keep it up rabbit. Thanks for being a good example

  5. Founders edition cheapest GPU you can get how ever they perform the best ? how that works ? 😀 none of my other GPU's can hash better, cooler and less energy then founders edition cards. I think the Founders edition cards was a steal they were as good as the other 30 series cards with performance and cooling .
    Besides all this is not a bear market, the entire economys of the world countries suffering, markets are down , inflation is high, this is not goign to be long term like a bear market would.

  6. hey man how you doing? if this bear market plays out like 2018 – gpu prices will collapse soon – this summer is my bet – then we will be able to get them. so bear market AND eth supposedly moving to pos – every gpu will be on sale like you wont believe

  7. AMD launched the 6500xt disaster to pick up evry last penny they can before Crypto bottoms and before INTEL drops their GPU's. Nvidia is doing the same with the 3050 launch and this price hike.

    Raja stated that Intel has to form a customer base for their GPU's. We know what it will take for this to happen and it is two things: #1 Low price, #2 high availability. Crypto is crashing so there will be a lot of GPU's on the used markets. Russia and other countries have openly discussed banning it altogether. So there is potential for a market flood.


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