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Octominer X8 ULTRA PLUS | Mine Crypto LIKE A BOSS!!!


Octominer X8 ULTRA PLUS
In this video I’m placing collectively a small AMD Rig inside a OCTOMINER X8 ULTRA PLUS Server Case. I really like this stuff and like them over open air GPU frames they only straight up cool higher 🙂

✅ https://octominer.com/
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📫If trying…


  1. The octominer is a good aesthetic option and easy to install, it hurts that in Argentina you can not buy, anyway, according to my tests a traditional rig has better yields !

  2. Question – I would like to run 10x 3070ti LHR in an octominer 12 slot box .
    I have 220v in my shop available with a 30 amp breaker ( solo use would be this rig ) currently has a L6 -20 female outlet. Would this work power wise for my requirements

  3. Love these and can't wait to get one. Octominer said they are going to do no minimum qty order in late March again so I'm holding out for that. By the way, did you post a video on downgrading 5700XT to 5700 for efficiency? That sounds like a good idea! I saw your video on bios modding via hiveos, but hadn't thought to downgrade. I may do this.

  4. Great 👍 content… Rabid Mining did you forget to show the dual mining setup in this video?

    Also why can’t you just use a PCIe to USB little adapter to run your Rebtech GPU?

  5. ohh HDD that's interesting, i have a 8tb chia farm i could shove an old gpu in and then to a triple gpu/cpu/chia. i currently have it doing core-pool for chia and raptorium via windows. Windows and me don't get on so moving my chia farm to a linux/hiveos would be great

  6. Lol they sent you one also? Octominer plan, give a miner to all YouTube streamers, don't sell single units and force people to pay 2x the amount or buy 5 units….lost a lot of respect for octominer after giving all streamers one and they all doing reviews with in 1-2 weeks of each other.

  7. Heard from another creator that Octominer is working a deal with a third-party to sell single units in NA. Curious what the mark-up will be in the price.


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