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Profitable Raptoreum CPU MINING Rig Build 3900x X2


CPU MINING Raptoreum
In this video I put collectively 2 3900x CPU mining rig builds when you seen the stay stream one didn’t work and we did find yourself getting it besides up LIVE!!

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  1. I looked at xmrig benchmarks and the epyc processors are all rated higher than most ryzen processors. I dont ever see anyone using them on any videos. Is there a drawback or is it just price? You can get 1st gen processors pretty cheap but 2nd gen are high dollar. I'm new so please dont crush me if this is common knowledge

  2. These video's are so awesome man…….I used these to build my first rig's. Hey can I ask you a question? I'm trying to power up to 4 mother boards and CPU's with 1 PSU. Not really sure where to start. Nothing on the Tube……I can buy splitters but only two. Do you know of a way to do the 24 Pin and the CPU power? Thanks for any advise. I changed my display name to reflect what I do now

  3. Finally got my CPU rig up and going. However, the temperature rised to 110 degree Celsius and the rig did shut down. I am using a 1500 RPM CPU fan bought from Aliexpress as it did not come one with the CPU. Do you have any suggestion on CPU fan?

  4. Not building those for that price Canadian now that's for sure!!! Just over a month & a half later. LOL Just cpu & mobo are about $200 more than that in USD now. No ram or psu! 😀 The scalping left the port long ago!

  5. Shiiiiit you bumped your head… If I'm writing AMD for free shit for "testing" I'm having them send it to me. Of course if you want me to flood them with emails with a bot I'll do it for one of those new rigs you just got plus a 20 series nvidia gpu (or something similar from AMD), hit me up for addy.

  6. I do wish motherboards had some minimal on-board video like they used to. It's ludicrous to have to plug in a video card to tinker with bios. Even a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero has onboard HDMI video.

  7. Hey Rabid, been watching alot of your videos lately. Im looking to build a small footprint raptoreum miner as well. What small motherboard (itx or micro atx) board can run headless?

  8. One thing I don't follow though. You did x38 multiplier whereas my 3900x is running at ~44 in auto-boost mode at 4440 MHz. Voltage is 1.2-.1.4. Isn't my cpu outperforms yours by running at higher rate?

  9. Running at 3.8 on 1.1v (1.0 seems unstable for me) but I cannot get it nowhere near 3500 h/s.
    My RAM is 3600 CL16 timings adjusted with DRAM calc. I'm wondering if my Gigabyte x570 UD is deficient or my 3900x won the anti-lottery (or is also deficient).

  10. Any reason to use a M.2 drive over USB drive? In GPU mining, I've always ran 3.0 USB drives for the hard drive & never had a problem. When CPU mining, does the M.2 make a big enough difference to pay the extra $ for it?

  11. Thanks for the video, much appreciated. I received two of the exact same boards as you, got some nvme's and Ryzen 9 3900(non x) CPU's. Currently 1 x 16GB cli18 sticks per board. At the moment I am running stock freq on cpu's and have XMP 2 enabled for the ram. Each board has a gtx1660 mining via nicehash at the same time.

    I cannot for the love of me get the average rtm hashrate above 2.7kh/s. All the online calculators suggest I should get closer to 3.6KH/s. I would REALLY appreciate any suggestions please. Many thanks

  12. Greatz from Germany . Your content a great watching you a long time . Friday I build my new 2x3900x with x470 GamingP and x570 gaming plus some trouble with this two rigs oc everything done 38 and 1 V . And after a few hours the rigs shows offline in HiveOs but the rigs a Stil ON . Maybe the miner crash’s ? I can’t find the problem . I musst du reboot it and than it works for a few hours and the same problem 😡😡


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