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RAPTOREUM CPU MINING Urgent Notice | Get Off FlockPool


In this video I check out the Hashrate that Flockpool at present has and it’s not trying good. If you need this coin to mature we want folks to start out shifting there hashrate round or we’ll all go down.

Search for swimming pools right here: https://miningpoolstats.stream/raptoreum

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  1. Thank for your work i tried to move to supernova i m in France but in 10 min 60 rejected blocks so i go back to flockpool why ? i m in hiveos i choose supernova in flightsheet and 88% efficiency on rtm not possible

  2. Yes, there are new people to this (me). Started CPU mining this week. Only been GPU mining for about a month. Raptoreum was a really nice find for me.
    Learned the hard way with nicehash, the payout can be wonky and low. So thank you for this video, I had no idea with flockpool being a problem for having too much hash.
    My set up after a month:) 5x 5600x, 10500H. 4×3080 FHR (I found an untapped source – part of why I got into mining – also my equipment is a clue, will spread the news in a little; then it will be impossible like everything else), 3080 LHR, 2×3060 ti LHR, 6600, 6600xt, and 3060 mobile.

  3. RTM pools are all in their early stages, they're either slow or ugly designed, or both. Except flockpool, that's why it's still the no.1

  4. Yea, no matter what Crypto Project you are supporting, please PLEASE don't mine on a pool that has close to 50% or more than 50% of the network hashrate. It is up to you to help keep the network be decentralized…

  5. This is old news, everyone jumped on last week when word was rplant was ripping off ppl and people mining to South and increase 101 payouts they all sheeped like hay day

  6. so i have a 5900x and im getting the expect 3500 h/s average but my temp seems to jump from mid 50 c to upper 80c. it only stays high for 5-10 seconds before it comes back down again but is that normal or does it need to be a constant temp?

  7. I was concerned about the concentration of hash on Flock and asked this question in Rap's discord last week. I was pretty much blown off and nobody seemed to care. Perhaps the other pools should consider temporarily lowering or eliminating their fees to draw more miners.

  8. Hi! anyone here have a x570 aorus pro wifi mobo? I would just like to know the best BIOS settings for 3900x in Raptoreum mining, (how to keep cpu clock at 3800MHz?) Thanks in advance! 🙂


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