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RAPTOREUM Hashrate Explosion Whats the ROI on a 3900x NOW?


CPU Mining Raptoreum
In this video I take a have a look at the cpu minable coin Raptoreum and with the improve in hashrate recently are you able to even nonetheless ROI a rig? Well lets discover out

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  1. I think my optimization is REALLY off or something isn't right lol. I got 2X machines both with ryzen 9 3900X and only getting 10 RTM per rig a day? According to your video you have 10X machines yet are getting over 1000RTM, so I'd assume I should be getting at least 80-100RTM per rig, a day?

  2. I can see you run the Raptoreum miner with stock cooler on 3900x. What is the highest temp you get? I have a 5800x with AIO and when I try it goes beyond 100C and thermothrottling and shut downs. I just wonder what is the max temp you get with these?

  3. I was on the fence about ordering a 3900x, i have an old ass 6700k atm.. ( had a 7700k but it fried)

    The minuite i finally decided it's time, it had sold out.
    then the 3800x sold out
    then the motherboard i wanted sold out. – Spent £70 more
    The PSU Is still available. (i have a spare though)
    RAM Is also getting increasing harder to get, but fortunately i have 16gb spare in an old system.

    Even if you're not mining RTM and require an AMD cpu for workstation uses, you'd better get it quickly because the scalpers are out on hunt, and i don't imagine it'd look any different with CPU's.
    Once AMD have sold out, They'll snatch up intel processors because gamers and pc builders will drive the demand for intel cpu's higher.

    One more thing to add: How much of a difference will the VRM's make on the motherboard? Iv'e head mixed things but generally it seems a good idea to have robust materials and cooling because it can make a difference to stability and performance?

    With that said, I have an AMD 5900x on the way and an expensive motherboard…
    I don't have alot of money but i know that i'll be using it well.

  4. Hi did you check out if PBO on (curve neg ) setup in bios can make any upgrade of hashrate in raptoreum core soft apply with your 3.6Ghz all cores 1.0Vconfig.
    I run my 5950x at 3.8 Ghz ,1.1 V, with PBO off and full tune config @3900Mh/s at 100W
    tks you so much about any help

  5. Another informative video.

    Though I want say all mining activity for profit are a form of investment, so there are risk associated with it, and they are all speculative by nature.

    What we are thinking is BTC went through the roof, and so is ETH, thus the rest should follow. Well, that's definitely possible, but. But the opposite can also happen. For each successful projects, there are probably 10 failures, so I would caution before I go all in on the CPU mining craze, and for that matter, the same with GPU mining or HDD farming….

    That said, I will continue to mine and farm, and supporting projects when I see value in them. But meanwhile, I will invest in other vehicle to diversify.

  6. Hi Rabid!
    Just bought a Ryzen 9 5950x to mine raptoreum and paired it with a Noctua NH-D15 Chromax-Black.
    In a video you mentioned that you got one too.
    Have you tested yours? What are the best settings regarding voltage and core frequency?
    At this moment i finished the tuning phase and i am using 1 volt with 3.6GHz and the avg hash rate is around 3.6kH.
    In the raptoreum profit calculator is rated at around 4.4kH.
    Any thoughts/advice?
    PS: I got this in a mix RIG with 2×3060 that are mining ethereum with beta/leaked driver and 3x 4TB HDD mining chia. I believe that 360W for 95MH/s eth and 3.6kH raptoreum is quite ok. This is a windows machine.
    Thank you!

  7. You should do a video on fees, I don't understand this.. what fees are actually charged? 1.75% donation "fee" to run the program. Then I saw 1.5% RTM fee then there's the pool fee.
    Can you explain all this

  8. people are doing this wrong. you mine on hardware you already have. People buying out stock are killing this and its kind of selfish and leads to a gong show. Chia all over again :(. Ironically people who bought those bundle deals to get the video card, well here is your chance to mine with those pc parts 😉

    The machines I have, after it pays for itself I will use one as my new pc, and my dad will use the other. The pcs have non LHR 3070 video cards.. But when again I paid $2000cad per machine.

  9. Your videos made me start mining RTM in my PC downtime for my 3900x over here on the East Coast in Nova Scotia. Still getting way better than Nicehash using my CPU, so I am happy with it. Keep up the great videos.

  10. Got anything half decent mining rtm for the foreseeable future. I may not be very profitable right now but it's what I got and I'm looking towards the future. Thinking about getting my Toshiba atom powered 10" laptop going as well. Is that bad?


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