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RAPTOREUM Hashrate Has Gone INSANE!!! | Whats That Mean For CPU Miners?


Raptoreum Hashrate
In this video I check out the Raptoreums community hashrate and see thatr is goes up like loopy however what does that imply for you CPU miners? Also hints of a RTM GPU MINER?

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  1. Thanks for the video update, great content!!! I'm probably going to build another CPU rig this week. Would be keen to see how the HiveOS update works.

  2. Question in my mind is, what if RTM earning become quite low like other cpu mining since its market cap is small? Should I stay out of cpu mining or is there always something to mine that’ll give a decent earning over the long run? I don’t have any ryzen at this stage but have a few power hungry Xeons that can produce 1700h/s RTM each.

  3. For RTM to hit a $10 valuation, the market cap would have to exceed 7.5 Billion, making it bigger than ETC. Kind of a stretch, but hey I can't hate on the hopium. 🙂

  4. The use of only the CPU to mine is what makes this coin valuable…hope they don't add GPU support, it will kill the project. Difficulty will skyrocket bc of how much easier it is to scale GPU vs scaling CPU

  5. You do realize that if you had not posted so many CPU vids that Raptoreum difficulty would be less than 10 M. LOL Thanks for literally sharing the wealth!

  6. the trouble is you got a whole bunch of servers mining rap , for me the difficulty doesnt make it worth it now its time for them to bring gpu miner out to keep up with hashrate if not pointless as at this rate you would have to build a rig a week and nope not enough room.

  7. A lot of people won't like it if RTM brings in GPU mining to their project. The whole reason why people got into this and gave it a shine is because this is easily to mine with day to day computers and doesn't call in for a big investment upfront. Hope they don't get excited about the GPU mining for RTM and bring this project down to dust. By the way nice video as always. Do you have any video on MoneroOcean mining with profit switching? Would be nice to learn abt it as well.

  8. great video sir! back in July the raptoreum hashrate was even lower on some days. i like the "pool failover facility" on the newest miner. we had pool problems in europe this week so my rigs failover to russia or new york if eu fails. best wishes from manchester uk. ps i will say it again – i like the devs – the miner dev gentleman on raptoreum is responsive and helpful – he fixed my haswell cpu recognition issue in a few hours.


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