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Rebtech All In One Vs. Nvidia Cards Whats Going On?


Rebtech Motherboard Nvidia Cards
In this video I take my AMD playing cards off of my Rebtech MB and see whats happening with nvidia playing cards not working for thus many individuals.

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  1. Im looking for someone who can help me with the REBTECH and NVIDIA cards. With NVIDIA card(s) plugged in, the REBTECH will NOT boot. To be clear, I cannot update HIVE or the NVIDIA drivers because HIVE will not boot at all.

  2. Does anyone have nVidia 1660 cards working with the RebTech motherboard? If so, how did you get them working?? (I'm seeing PSU over wattage protection shutdowns with 1660s).

  3. just to confirm that a 1070 will also work (no hot swapping or anything). just make sure to update the nvidia-drivers first, disable onboard graphics, and NO hdmi or any video output connected.

  4. Can anyone confirm they have been able to get 8x nvidia 3000-series cards working with this? I just ordered some but hearing there are lots of issues with nvidia??

  5. the bug occurs on random different cards, try some 1660 supers and you will see the bug eventually, it happens on all cards, but the least on 30 series and the most on 1660 supers- and its not about the drivers or HiveOs version

  6. Great video. I have 2 boards on order, paid yesterday so fingers crossed they will get to Australia soon.
    one question about your rig frame: how are your cards and the Rebtech board physically upported? I can see they are screwed to the rail at the back… and do you have a single bar underneath the cards? Do you insulate it in any way? Do you have a video that goes into detail about those frames and how they assemble?


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