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REBTECH Is Back!!! 8 GPU Blockchain Mining Motherboard 2.0



Rebtech Mining Motherboard 8 GPU 2.0
In this video I take a First have a look at the NEW Rebtech mining Motherboard I bumped into some points however discovered a repair and every thing appears to run superb. This factor has a loopy open BIOS and runs very effectively.

Purchase: https://shop.rebtech.ai/

📫If trying to ship merchandise for…


  1. Rebtech suck. Bought one nvme don't even read. 64gb SD don't work sorry ass fuck. If u add 100$ u can get a way better function motherboard. Before I order they reply real fast after I bought it they don't want to reply. I'm going to dispute this claim. Fuk rebtech.

  2. Has anyone tried installing Windows 10 to the MicroSD card from a USB drive ? I boot off the USB Win10 install media but can't see the MicroSD Memory when Windows 10 looks for a storage device…..

  3. Mine arrived today. So far I only have 1 card up and running but will soon move cards from my ATX boards over to this and see how reliability goes. I may need to invest in a couple more of these!

  4. Thanks for your troubleshooting help. I could only get 1 card at a time going so ordered the adapter to flash an m.2 Hopefully I'll be up and running on my m.2 soon. Keep up the good vids brother.

  5. I wish I had some of your old spare parts lol new to mining, trying to learn this on a laptop. its working good, just not making anything lol. My goal is to pay utilities and food bills while I'm taking care of my mother who has Alzheimer's

  6. Nice but the AMD board only accepts AMD video cards so that's a bummer. The Intel version accepts all gpu so they've got some improvement to do with amd based .products. Wish it had Level 3 memory too but if your not cpu mining its not a big deal.

  7. hey rabid i seen some other coin its trutle coin they have nodes and what not maybe look into it it seems cool you would know best and if you can please try to make a video of AVN game and farming when you get free time to spare

  8. Nice overview as always my brother Rabid <3
    Little tips for future review/overview content: Can you disclose if you bought the product(s) with your own money or if the company sent the product(s) to you for free?
    Enjoy the rest of your week and keep it up the great job <3

  9. I am sure the reason Rebtech sent 4 boards is for the Youtubers to at least giveaway 3 out of the 4 to the viewers. Remember, without viewers you guys are not getting these freebies! Share the love please and same goes to all content creators. Glad they made a new model which looks like it as nice upgrades.

  10. Weird?! I've got USB drives for all of my 9 rigs and they haven't caused me any issues. Sure the initial setup of any rig seems to take some messing around but once they get up and running and you iron the details out, it seems to be solid, most of the recent builds are all purring along nicely.

    One thing that has caused issues on B450 chipsets is using SSD drives and then in turn those SATA ports taking away precious PCIe lanes. Perhaps SSD is the way to go? Worth a try

  11. Nice Video! As for the price I think I would get the first model and save $150 or so. I think that with shipping and taxes might be not the best deal for an 8 gpu board. I could be wrong…

  12. pretty expensive, $50 shipping on top. I mean unless someone wants to buy bulk. I am sticking with ATX boards for now. Thinking about buying 1 to 7 PCIE splitter on Ali.

  13. I like the Rebtech MB because it small and efficient. At $530 CAD after tax it seems "on par" with H110 Pro BTC MB at ~$670 all in. For now I will stick with H110 because it can run 5 more GPUs than the Rebtech.


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