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RTX 4080 SPECs, Potential HASHRATES Revealed


RTX 4080 Specs Hashrate

In this video I check out a put up made by Nicehash which reveals the specs and probably hashrates of the brand new RTX 4080 that is set to drop on NOV sixteenth.

Blog Post: https://www.nicehash.com/blog/post/nvidia-rtx-4080-specs-and-mining-hashrate

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  1. I've been consolidating by building gaming PCs and selling. I'm down to just 30 series, rx6000 and 1 2080ti rig. I'll probably keep the 2080ti rig, 1 rx6000 rig and get rid of my 30 series cards except my 3070s and see where mining goes.

  2. Personally for someone who is broke and only mining on a old raspberry pi 4. I'd love to get something to really collect those coins. Personally if I did a gpu miner, it would be some Frankenstein of old parts. If I could get my hands on what I need.
    If I could afford it somehow I'd do a server rack with half hard-drive mining and half cpu mining with multiple cpu on each motherboard. But since I'm broke that won't happen…

    I'm more likely able to afford an asic. But that wouldn't even be worth the effort to search with my budget . I think I want to switch my pi to a bitcoin lottery. With Pico or arduino rpi2040 since I can't even afford one of the compact f's


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