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Running Ipollo Miners, Goldshell Box Miners Off Server PSUs


In this video I attempt to run a ipollo ETC Mining Classic miner, Ipollo V1 Eth Miner, A Goldshell KD Box PRO and a Mini Doge Pro miner off a single Server PSU.

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  1. Can you use the 6+2 pin on the PSU side and the 6 pin on the miner?
    BTW I have been running 2 L3s (660w each) on one PSU using splitter cables for some time the cables get a little warm but not bad. Each cable would be pulling about 165w at the PSU.

  2. I was wondering if I could power these the same way here in the vid. On another note my etc mini plus says it is 300 mh/s, but at pool 170 mh/s mean and reports only 33 mh/s… I ask myself was this a bad choice and is it broken…. usually the GPU hashrate and mean match; not on this box


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