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Ryzen 3900X Pulsar Hashrates 3.6gh-4.5gh Tested


CPU MINING 3900x Hashrates
Well guys I lastly completed examined Pulsar on the 3900x Ryzen CPU and listed here are the hashrates beginning at 3.6gh as much as 4.5gh testing cl 14 RAM in addition to cl 16 RAM with and with out XMP Profiles Enabled in addition to single vs twin sticks on RAM.



  1. is the hashrate 154.91 Kh/s?
    5950x btw
    Periodic Report 5m13s 26m05s

    Share rate 3.64/min 4.79/min

    Hash rate 1.84h/s 1.52h/s (154.91kh/s)

    Submitted 19 125

    Accepted 19 125

    Hi/Lo Share Diff 0.03501975 / 0.00048619

    4.1ghz all core
    XMP on @3200mhz 2×8 gb sticks
    59c on aio

  2. SrbMiner had an update. higher hashrates, same watts. i went from 85kh to 111kh.
    Will these settings work for 3950x? i'm still using Rtm overclocks u recomemded in an old video.
    3.6 at 1.0v

  3. I started to mine Curvehash yesterday and i noticed it is burning less power than RandomX, it seems to be also less demanding on the CPU. I was doing on my 3900X ~ 63.89KH/s @ 3.4GHz all cores @ 0.9V – 2x3600MHz RAM CL16 with custom overclock settings. Total rig consumption was ~ 80W. I need to see if i can go lower than 0.9V on the CPU :$
    The team devs on Pulsar are very nice dudes, way nicer than the Raptoreum guys lol

  4. Is a 50M pre-mine and a pool with 93% hashrate a concern for this coin? I haven't read if the staking functions as a backup ledger similar to the RTM smartnodes.

  5. my r9 3900x at 3.6/0.95 crap ram is getting 64.5 kh , my r9 5900x at 3.6/0.95 same crap ram is getting 74.4 kh not sure if the 5900x is better comapred to the 3900x have to test with my others 5900x if i get the same thing or maybe i fucked up something in the bios but getting same watts for both

  6. Could you buy and review/overclock a 5900x and/or a 5950x. I think that's what alot of people are buying for CPU mining. Although the 5950x is definitely not worth it it's +$200USD for 4 more cores.


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