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Ryzen 5800X3D HASHRATES | Raptoreum, Haven Protocol


Ryzen 5800X3D Hashrates
So a neighborhood member managed to get his arms on a 5800X3D Ryzen CPU and we received some hashrates on Raptoreum and Haven for you guys. I wish to level out I seen the L3 Cache after I made the video however the 3900x really has 2mb extra at 6mb the place the 5800x3d has 4mb.



  1. I almost bought two on launch day for RTM and decided to wait for reviewer numbers… I'm so glad I did!

    I'll wait for Micro Center to restock the 5900X at $370.

  2. I just tested mine and my results are similar. Randomx is basically exact same as a regular 5800x. Raptoreum is 2.75khash/s. I can't get HVN to mine at all though, so I'm probably doing something wrong. About 14.5khash/s in AVN on 15 threads as well.

  3. Thanks for the vid, I was going to order 10 of them but I'm going to wait and see what happens with the 7000 series. I've been expanding like crazy on the cpu side of things. My target is 1Mh with cpu's if not more, just depends on how far $20k will go.

  4. For the prices, for even a balanced average user and not specifically for mining, the 5900X is a FAR better deal both in the lower price AND in the general overall performance.

    However, where things get interesting is when you compare the 5800X vs the 3D and see what it is that is likely coming in Zen4 between improved architecture AND all this L3 cache. The future looks awesome!

  5. Rabid Mining good call on the numbers 👍 just so you know because the OPS is similar per core/thread net the similar results,
    If the OPS (operation per second) was why off like a much lower call CPU with the same amount of cores/threads running at the same frequency, the results would have been way different.. but yeah the tech ADM is using now a days are the similar with all their CPUs ..

    So basically what we need is base core frequency to be higher at less wattage and allot more OPS per core/thread .. they would need to come out with an all new CPU .. loads of development for that .. with that said so the current 5900 is still king?


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