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In this video I am going by means of the Mars Lander Bitcoin Miner from Bitcoin Merch a low energy lottery ticket.

✅Mars Lander Solo BTC Lottery Miner: https://bitcoinmerch.com/products/bitcoin-merch%C2%AE-mars-lander-solo-bitcoin-miner-up-to-250gh-s?aff=198

✅Ipollo V1 Mini SE Miner:…


  1. This little piece of hardware is WAY too expensive. $635 CAD + tax + shipping + duties to Canada is about $800 Cad or more!. Lottery aside this thing is far to expensive for what it is imo.

  2. Question Rabid. This thing is run off a ras pi right? So could you take it out of that nice case and hook it up to the green machine chia miner you got to save 5 watts. Just as a hypothetical most efficient setup kinda deal?

  3. its too expensive 500 usd.
    for half you can get a s9 mod it with brains os+ and use just 1 hashboard limiting its power to 100 watts and try the lottery.
    thanks anyway for showing an alternative, keep the good content.

  4. The odds are that you will hit the jackpot lotto sooner than actually mine solo block on BTC w this…lol.. stupid shit.The 16W are probably those led lights and display on it..lol.. good luck !

  5. Hey @rabid mining I got mine delivered today, but I’m in the UK 😢 so I need a 220/240 to 120/110 v converter. On order delivery Friday. Will let you know how I get on. But yep BTC lottery worth a punt

  6. the BTC difficulty is at all time highs…. I sold all my solo BTC Miners during the 2021 Bull Run… it just doesn't make sense to run these anymore.. Its fun to set them up tho!

  7. @rabid does they or other company have something cheaper with no lights or screen? I dont care for the coolness i just want to set and forget not going to show off any ideas?

  8. Thoughts on lottery mining, "if you don't play, you can't win". That said I know the odds of the power ball and I only take the shot when it gets over a billion and I spend maybe 10 at most.
    For bitcoin lottery. I'd rather take my existing raspberry pi and set it up on its own. If the USB miners were cheaper I'd live to get multiple USB docks plugged into a pi and have a super low watt lottery miner.

    Because of my current financial situation of zero savings and barely surviving paycheck to paycheck my options are very limited. I think I will take my monaro miner pi and give the btc lotto a try. I have the pi and I have my desktop. And I make 10 monero a day equating to nothing in the end. I think I have made a total of 10cents US… not counting electric

  9. Unrelated but I've been seeing the iPollo v1 asics for around 800 usd which is crazy! I'm not sure if it's a scam or not since I've never bought an asic from say Jingle mining so can't say if it's real or not or if it's just a normal price?

    200GH/S to find a bitcoin block? Good luck! No wonder it's called lottery haha


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