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Step by Step HiveOS Tutorial Guide | 2021


HiveOS Tutorial
In this video I am going threw the steps on set up Hive OS by the time you get threw this information you can be up and working on Hive OS like a boss!

Ethcher: https://www.balena.io/etcher/

00:00 Intro
00:27 Step 1: Account Creation
00:50 Step 2: Create And Add Worker
02:08 Step 3: HiveOS Download &…


  1. Just got 1st rig running. Set up my coinbase wallet, added to the flight sheet in Hive. When I go look at the wallet, the address changed? Is that common for security measures? Thanks for any guidance. I need .1 eth b4 payout so wanted to ensure its all correct

  2. Hi,
    It's late October and the install process is very different for me. When I add a worker I'm prompted to A) Install new, or B) Connect existing. When I select install new, I go through the set up on USB steps and there is no option to download the config file. Am I doing something wrong or has the install process changed in the last 1-2 months?

  3. Cool video but everything looks very different on my end. I set up wallet and flight sheet but my rig still says no flightsheet and that i need to create a wallet…

  4. after step 3 rig file. I get back in and nothing is detected. ANy how to install HiveOS Vid on UTube same shit on this step they just say "and it should work" – but it does not!

  5. This is a really great guide. Just to let you know the process has changed slightly as hiveos now include its own image download and flash software that automates some of the process. Just completed an install today. Thanks for the help👍🏾

  6. I keep trying to copy the rig config file to the SSD, but it keeps saying its a read only file with no way to change it. Links I go to keep showing me how to delete it, then it becomes a writable file, but then once I flash it becomes a read only file again. Any thoughts? Can I add the rig config file later via USB drive or something?

  7. how come when I click add worker its a completely different screen?? It asks gpu or asic, I click gpu, then it says to download HiveOSInstaller.exe instead of the config file. did it change??

  8. Please help me 😤😤 totally frustrated my config file never detected on installation that fucking hive os keep asking me for id pass and after putting id pass manually then loop continues id pass again id pass config not found etc etc…….

  9. Finally youtube got some brain and returned your channel 😀 it's a pity that took so long though… but welcome back!!. Will you still be using the other channel or everything will be moved to this one?

  10. he's backkk!!! hey buddy. check my latest vid out? one day i was planning to run hiveOS.. how big of a farm do you need to make it worth it to run? have a good one dude


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