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Still Mining ETHEREUM with my 4GB Cards


So there are nonetheless some people who find themselves curious the right way to use there 4gb playing cards on Ethereum present right here we go once more with one other video.

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  1. Now every 5 day the hashrate drop around 0.5. Mine still get 22.32mh . On 5th june it will drop to 21.8. Just sayin. Great video as always, keep the good work buddy.

  2. 4GB cards are still valid and going strong, just not with eth anymore. Go for ravencoin or ergo or conflux, any of these can be dual-mined with zilliqa! IMO ergo is extremely power efficient as my gpu can easily go lower on power usage in comparison to eth and have very decent ergo hashrate.

  3. I'll have to look into that again.. I use lolminer on windows.. I haven't played around with anything else.. I did mine etc with my 4gb card a while back and it did really good..
    I just bought a used 3900x on eBay to go with the 3700x I bought new last year.. I can finally turn off my miner with the 1500x .. omg

  4. So in the sake of science, I am going to try and build a five RX 570 rig. From what I've read, as long as you keep the RXs in a PCIex4 of better slot, they will zombie normal. I think I found a mobo and CPU with enough lanes to keep all the RXs in zombie mode. I won't be able to use riser cards, so I found a bunch of extension cables. This should be a fun experiment. If it doesn't work, there is always ERG.

  5. A little off topic of the video but I was wondering if you have come across a nvtool error 11 using hive? I decided to try and switch from NH with one 1060 and I updated the nvidia driver and started the miner but I get this error

  6. Hi, how do u switch mining Algo, I'm am new to minebut ng and I'm mining with nicehash with rtx 970 is a 4g card and mining Zhash with 23 Sol/s. And it keep switching Algo all the time automatically. Please help only making less than $1 a day


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