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Stolen EVGA GPUs Have Been Found !!!!


Stolen EVGA GPUs
So it appears to be like like them GPUs that EVGA misplaced just a few months again have been noticed and being offered at some respectable costs!!

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  1. Crime does pay especially if you live in California or Chicago! Its victims be damned in certain places but will the GPU thieves be caught ? Depends on how good their Fence is and if he's a stand up guy like the organized crime types expect.

  2. I wonder how long till we hear about consumers buying these cards and the outcry when EVGA reports them
    OR if EVGA will let them go to "save face" with consumers that bought them as there pricing appears to be "on point" not to CHEAP and not to EXPENSIVE around 1800 USD

  3. Damn I do remember what happened in November but this is pretty messed up though and they can’t really do anything about it can they or i think they can’t because they don’t have enough proof unless they buy their cards and scan them

  4. I'm very sad as a Vietnamese. This is how the communism country looks like! In Vietnam, the buyers don't have right to return items like in the US after purchasing. Even the item is failed, the customers either bring to the retailer for repairing or buying a new one. After the item is purchased, it is done. If the retailer doesn't want to fix the issue, the customers have no other way. It is likely the Vietnamese buyers are trapped by this retailer. My opinion, those buyers are innocent. 100% this northern retailer is related to communist government because the electronic devices are very difficult to pass the Vietnamese airport security scanners.

  5. FYI, 39.990k is exactly $1761 thereby the exchange rate between VND and USD as of now is exactly at vnd 22708 to $1.
    Further explanation for the 39.990K price tag. Usually in Vietnam anything listed at the thousand range often or always gets shortened as K, for example a cup of coffee listed at VND 22000 for instance, is shortened as 22K, K simply replaces the zeros therefore 39.990K is VND 39.990.000 = $1761

  6. I wonder if evga or nvidia can brick these stolen cards? technically these are still their properties. Any firmware software update can flash these cards to sand.


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