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HiveOS launched the New T-Rex lets see if it could possibly beat LOLMINERs newest launch.

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  1. Hiveos is the typical example of am over engineering things to a point it almost impossible to not notice how much of a (D a*ss) some software engineers are . for years people are running scripts on windows and linux provided by miners. they change their address and pool and username in the script and thats it. but Now the biggest joke of an Id*t called Hiveos decided to invent his own "flight sheet" with strange arguments to confuse miners and users. I can not name any other software in the history of human being that made such trivial blunder as Hiveos did in its development. I would hire that programmer who suggested such feature just to get rid of him and save the world from him.

  2. Hello. I want to be member of you discord, but i can se nothing there… What i must do?

    And could you give me advice please? I have 3070ti gygabite (micron) and I want use "lhr-low-power", but when i use it, my watts jump between 130W and 195W….. What i must do to fix this?

    Thank you

  3. Rabid brother did u see what happend on Exbitron for PLSR pulsar? this morning Pump and dump 50x she pumped from 0.015 cents to 0.50 cents. 30 Busd in 30mins UNFU*^REAL. but after she hit 4cents and tracing up. 🙂 Keep those speculative mining coins up. Maybe do a AVN Avian video, or BTX bitcore. she is an old one that just launch a new NFT platform check it out. but Plsr,avn,and btx im am all over it! . *NFA stay safe my friends

  4. We must also consider the possibility of SCAM coding, make sure you have hardware that gives you the same readings. This could ALL be completely a software voodoo to collect users…

  5. Had a look at my hive os stats, was not happy with the power spikes with LPM enabled going to try without LCC see what happens . Cool stream Sunday chillin.


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