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The EVERGREEN CHIA Miner | More Profitable Than GPUs


Evergreen Chia Miner
In this video I obtained the prospect to take a look at the EVERGREEN Chia Miner and this little factor positive makes Chia straightforward to stand up and operating.

Get An Evergreeen Miner Here: https://www.evergreenminer.com/
Code “RABID” 5% Off at checkout.

EVERGREEN Discord: https://discord.gg/daZ5UfghcD

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  1. This is rip off just buy a 16 tb hdd and create the plots yourself its 1/4 the price.. Space Pool is better for mining pools. I have 100tb and have been mining since the start profitability is low I regret not selling when I hit chia at 700usd 🙁

  2. next time mention this is a sponsored video.
    its clear you didnt researched about chia mining and just trying to sell their product.

    theres no need to use a chia miner to mine chia. this is just a cash grab.

  3. You know hell froze over when chia is more profitable than GPUs…
    Btw. aren't those miners based on small ARM chipsets very susceptible to dust storms? (thing in chia where someone sends bazzilion almost empty transactions and overload the network).
    Also the database file is like 170GB

  4. 400TB here, on EU, xch is very very profitable. Even more, on the non-hyper era of the coin.the 1600usd was just plain stupind over hyped price. Never was the actual price of it. I'll keep expanding as much as possible. When tue bull run and xch starts going up, the hdd prices going to ramp up, and the netspace also. Stop all my gpus and sold all but 2 😀

  5. Evergreen its the easy way to farm chia but for those that like building pcs or servers it can be a LOT cheaper to do it by ploting and farming with chia software…or just buy drives with plots for your farmer public key…
    Thats just plug and play…
    Started with 50tb…now more that 1Pib and the math dose not lie, love it or hate it but math is math….

  6. ROFL, are you serious dude? $499 for a 16TB drive? ROI NEVER. Maybe spend 60 seconds and order some drives and set one up the right way instead of giving these companies a 50% margin on drives.

  7. I have 64tb of hard drive space. I mine 0.025 chia a day so I make 1 chia every 40 days. I don't see an ROI in the short term for the hardware investment but just like anything, maybe it could rebound in price.

  8. I understand you gotta make money somehow with sponsors and shit but don't shill bullshit like this man… anyone with a pc can buy the hard drive and plot themselves over time for half or even less than half of the price of this. if you have a cpu mining rig, just plug in a few 12tb cheap hard drives to it and a cheap nvme to plot with, you're all good. if you wanna expand, buy another hdd, plot, ready to farm. there's no need to pay for this box with a shitty raspberry pi in it

  9. No do not use your private key to import your wallet, just make a new wallet and transfer it to your original wallet. Evergreen chia is an awesome idea but they are new and potentially untrusted. "Not your keys, not your crypto"

  10. I used to farm my 26TB with a Raspberry PI and the CHIA network started to face some attacks called DUST STORM, it was so bad at the time, Raspberry PIs could not keep up with the blockchain update. At some point they managed to fix it by releasing an optimized CLI version of the CHIA wallet.
    Later on, my SD Card was not big enough to store the full blockchain, so i had to buy a new one. So keep an eye on your SD card space lol


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