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Pulsar Fork
In this video I am going over the upcoming Pulsar fork set to hit on Nov twelfth 2022 and with it comes the necessary pockets replace earlier than to do it earlier than the set date or you’ll lose your staked cash.

Latest Wallet: https://github.com/PulsarCoin/Pulsar-Coin-Cryptocurrency/releases/tag/v1.1.4

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  1. Hey rabbit.. Thanks for help with update !!

    Btw I got this warning massege in Bitoreum wallet "Warning: Unknown block versions being mined! It's possible unknown rules are in effect" Is it ok gyuz ??

  2. I mined pulsar with about 12 cpus but one day the pc I had my wallet gave an error and would not boot, even with my backup I could not recover the wallet. So if the wallet hasnt a seed phrase I'm out…

  3. They should have left it gpu only or at least cpu only. This is the worst "fix" ever it will be unprofitable on both now. Also some1 "stole" 1 of my staking rewards and I was fined 817.33 pulsar. Fck this project

  4. Glad I'm subscribed to your channel or I probably would have missed this wallet update. I've left my wallet staking but I don't check the project regularly anymore. Could have lost nearly 20k pulsar.

  5. Thanks for the update. I really like Pulsar wallet staking because it's basically a set it and forget it way to mine on my Synology DS920+. Very little power is used, and hopefully at some point in the future the value will come back to Pulsar and I can get some return on my mining effort.


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