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This NEW CPU Mining Coin Makes Me Over $20 USD A Day!!


CPU Mining Profits Bitoreum
In this video I take a look at Bitoreum a fork of Raptoreum which is presently probably the most worthwhile coin to mine in your CPUs.

Bitoreum Website: https://bitoreum.org/
Exbitron: https://www.exbitron.com/signup?refid=ID7181FFE686
Coin Swap: https://fixedfloat.com/?ref=fna817vb

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  1. BTRM (bytorum) they changed the name. If you do coinjoin your coins will become more anonymous. Up to that ammount… Market history was deleted, so expect prices to jump higher than they should had… As people might think it's a new coin…

  2. I have my rigs on RTM. I will probably keep them where they are. RTM has a great community and it is one of the few proof of stakes where the developer are positive about and support their miners. I want to put my money where my mouth is and support the teams that in turn support the miners.

  3. Thanks Bro for screwing up my and other people profits and doubling the hashrate of mining pool. Now I get only 1 Dollar a day instead of 20 dollars! Everytime you advertise new cpu coin – you kinda screw it up and gotcha wasted. No idea why you advertise something that is profitable – now even your own profit will go down and sink and drown in your own misery and sadness of BOMZH feelings. You should not never ever advertise something that is profitable and keep it in secret forever. Blame yourself for that. And blame other miners and channels as well that advertising this and another good coins and screw them up. Never make videos about something that is profitable.

  4. Hi
    I want to start mine monero
    And i don't know should i use gpu ir cpu and CPU or GPU to use to make more mony in my country than electricity cost less then 0.1$ so i don't care about the electricity

    Can you help me please
    i need about 1000 ~ 1500$ per month for starting

  5. I find that every time you make a new CPU coin video, the coin price IS already low (like giving the users the breadcrums …yes…. we are pigeons to your eyes! ) …. for 2000 BTM (this is average an 5900X Ryzen can get / day ) , this is worth 1.70USD… of course if you use 20 rigs, yes, you get your 20$/day total … but this will cost you 15$ in electricity….ACTUAL PROFIT IS.5$ profit /day ….oh well…do your math guys! 1BTM = 0.002002$CAD extremely profitable??????????????

  6. Hi Rabid, thanks for this new video 🙂 please what is your hashrate for one 5900x ? my 5600x on hiveOS is mining about 1.2kh/s but my 5900x on windows at 600h/s 🙁

  7. If you're looking for some real play to earn this year, nothing compares to Ultimate Battle Arena (BOV). Give it a look! It's in Polygon and it's auto-battle 🔥

  8. .I just looked and I'm saying why the speed and density of the pool has changed. Because when you advertise it, people go there. You did the same in raptoreum and it's crap. People just do what they're told.

  9. Rabid I will give you access to my CPU rigs, let you apply whatever flightsheets you want, you aim for maximum profit, half is yours and other half you send me in BTC xD

  10. Another coin were unless you are in the first week you have completely missed the boat. This video came out today and to get the profit shown in this video you already have to have something like 50 5950x's CPU mining is way too competitive since anyone can mine it. Great for the network security but crap for miners profits. My helium miners (2) make more a day in profit with almost zero electricity. Thanks for bringing this project to everyone's attention, im sure some will make good profit.

  11. The rabid effect – so true neighbor !! omfg hahahah on cpu minables yea , i have read the redits lol And yes BTM is moving in price so get on it quick guys . maybe a quick pump and dump incoming. So put some sell limits stupid high . might trigger lmao, but CPU minables are kinda speculative – good luck my friends.

  12. U forgot to mention that they have 1 dev that is all the time offline, a toxic comunity some mods that ban u because u ask questions and a broken copy of raptoreum 🙂 , but yea atm is profitabble untill someone decide (170 rig guy) to bump on the market and move on…


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