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UPDATED RAPTOREUM CPU Mining Guide | Windows 10 HiveOS Guide 1.2.3+


In this video I replace my final Raptoreum mining information for the brand new cpuminer-opt 1.2.3 in addition to utilizing our new group mining pool which is wanting VERY worthwhile because it change to a brand new supplier. Come be a part of the pool and mine RTM with the (*10*) Mining Community.



  1. So a regular mining USB-Stick for 119€ can creating 90 Giga-Hashes per second and my Ryzen PC calculates 2700(!) Hashes per second (not Kilo, not Mega, not Giga), while using the L3-Cache only?😱

  2. What Motherboards are recommended for Ryzen 3900x CPU’s mining RTM. I am looking at getting 4.
    I have the CPU’s but need to pick the best board for overclocking etc… this be ok? ASRock B450M PRO4-F Socket AM4/

  3. What Motherboards are recommended for Ryzen 3900x CPU’s mining RTM. I am looking at getting 4.
    I have the CPU’s but need to pick the best board for overclocking etc… this be ok? ASRock B450M PRO4-F Socket AM4/

  4. I used to be a reseller for WinRAR. It's pronounced as 'are', RAR not RARE. As in Eugene "Roshal" and Archiver. R + "AR"chiver. = RAR. it's not that rare. 🙂

    Just like .zip is not pronounced zipe. 😀

  5. hI DEAR RABIT im mining 2 weeks RTM just because your fantastic knowledge and clear videos , im using 4 X 5900x with your suggest pool and i see that the revenue is really lower mostly 15KH's , with approx 100 coins , with FLOCK p it was 130-140 , so you still think to stay in that small pool ?
    and again and again Thank you for your work

  6. I think it would help folks understand better if you had Windows show the file name extensions? Some of the explanations might be clearer? Maybe not. Just my 2 cents. Thanks…

  7. I use 3950x cpu to mine under hiveos, but there are always 2 errors:
    Please consider runnig as'root' to enable MSR and Large Pages
    Detected AMD zen2 CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor
    Available CPU Instructions: AVX2 AVX SSE42 AES SHA
    Starting zen2 variant of the binaries.
    [2021-11-22 10:03:53] Hashrate (Avg. for rotation 20.2): 6221.23 H/s -> 194.41 H/s per thread.
    [2021-11-22 10:03:53] Hashrate (Expected Average): 4003.28 H/s -> 125.10 H/s per thread.

    cpuminer-opt exited (exitcode=0), waiting to cooldown a bit

  8. was initially using flockpool, but now decided to switch to 011data as shown in this video….however my miner keeps auto-switching back to flockpool? it goes back and forth between the two pools, is this an issue that i need to fix?

  9. Thanks for the video, couple of things I had to figure out….this is not exactly a newbie version. I have been GPU mining for a couple of months and had to put what I knew together. That said…excited to see what this does. Can you tell me, besides my 3900x if any of the following are worth mining with:
    R5 5600G
    I know its a lot to ask….but would appreciate it.

  10. Thanks for posting this vid. How are you getting 10K-14K in HiveOS? I am avg 3.5K on my 5950X @ 4.4GHz stock settings voltage around 1.1-1.3 temps around 60ish. RAM 3200 XMP. ASROCk B550 MiniITXAC under Windows 10… Full tune. Same pool. Does HiveOS make that much of a difference? Also doing WIFI. Thanks! Edit: Got HiveOS up and running and now showing 11.5K. 🙂

  11. Hasn't been super amazing profits but I'm not gonna complain about my rigs putting out more moneys. Nice vid nevertheless Having some trouble finding an exchange that doesn't look super sketchy though. if you know any that are trustworthy, please let me know.

  12. I followed this guide to a T, I am getting "Stratum authentication failed" in HiveOS. I tried joining the discord but it tells me its read only and i dont see anyone in the actual discord!

  13. I don't know whats going on with my rig but I'm having constant miner crashes with no apparent reason in HiveOS. My rig is a Ryzen 9 3900X with an Asroc M450M Steel Legend. The rig goes offline and sometimes it has to be hard reseted (sometimes it comes back on by itself). Any help will be more than appreciated.

  14. Hi, how are u, fine? Hope so, I have a question; after going full tune there isnt any config file like tune_config created (on Windows SO) and after closing the miner( ver and first time mining), If I begin the miner the process of tuning begins again. I know I can modify the .json for not going for tuning again, but I dont know If the process was successful or not. Can u send my an advice on this issue? Thnx in advance!

  15. I'm looking to get into mining but can't find any reccomendations on what RAM to use if it makes and difference and if the stock wraith cooler is fine. Any help?


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