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What The PC Gaming Industry Isn't Telling YOU!!


PC Gaming Power Consumption
In this video I used to be curious how a lot energy are avid gamers actually utilizing in comparison with say Bitcoin. Bitcoin takes all the warmth however is it as dangerous as everybody says it’s? Based on My numbers Gamers are by far worse by way of power use.

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  1. One thing : gaming industry is nothing compare to card paiement like visa and mastercard,
    Just to explain, visa and Mastercard, it’s 40000 billions usd transaction paiement,
    Every paiement, always 7 servers involved for one paiement,
    And server run 7/7 24….
    Just do the math…..
    Bitcoins it’s just nothing compare to the industry of cards paiement….

  2. As a miner, I have to point out that the assumptions in this video are a little off.
    1) Miners run 24/7, gamers don't.
    2) Not all gamers have a 3080 and therefore cut i'd the wattage in half before running numbers
    3) 3 people per household? No.

    I like the overall idea of looking at gaming power consumption or pointing out how ironic it is that green energy nerds are using coal power to recharge their teslas. But next time you want to err on the side of being too conservative with your numbers rather than attempting to inflate them.

  3. nice, you are playing gen2 DLC as well!?!!! did u manage to get thru those ridiculous missions? personally i find them crazy hard, and i have basically gave up on it

  4. You just don't understand! People playing video games all source their electricity from renewables or use clean, carbon-free coal. It's totally different because most gamers aren't miners they just have an expensive hobby that could, but they choose not to, have pay for itself.

  5. I don't want to beat a dead horse here, but this "comparison" video was doomed as soon as you were measuring power consumption and not energy consumption per unit time. This should have been a realistic comparison (2-5 hours gaming per day is realistic, not 24/7), measured in kWh, per 24 hours. The result would be about 5x the energy consumption of mining vs gaming, on the same hardware. Don't get me wrong, I'm a miner, I don't game at all, I'm not here to bash mining. But we need to be realistic about the energy consumption of PoW coins.

  6. Sorry to point this out but the numbers are way off…. you're assuming that every gaming PC runs at over 550W and 24/7 all year around… that's just not the case..

  7. Cryptocurrency is to replace current corrupt centralized financial system. We would need to equate crypto mining power use with that of all the power use for every aspect of every bank and financial system. That's their entire infrastructure…. Data enters, servers, networking, ATMs, security measures, office high-rise buildings, elevators and escalators and AC/heating for their millions of employees who also consume power while on the job, with their fancy coffee pots and feet warmers and who knows what else. (The world of finance is Uber luxurious, loaded with tech that runs 24×7 and far from energy efficient, and a load of it is for entertainment). Oh, their operational infrastructure needs redundancy and off-site active hot recovery sites multiplying their power use. That's not even scratching it. Need to include infrastructure for their corrupt buddy institutions like Reserve banks, treasury departments, , etc. Etc. Multiply that by every state, country..Much much more of the centralized Rothschild banking and bloat. Bitcoin can operate without a fancy corrupt schmuck in a suit pretending to be a "fiduciary", a term highly suspect in of itself as there is no objective monitoring or enforcement. Just ask Madoff's customers. "lets-not-forget-bernie-madoff-was-a-fiduciary"

  8. The thing about whataboutisms is that they dont necessarily solve a problem or win an arguement. Mining still uses a lot of power regardless of how many gamers there are. Both are a problem.

  9. Interesting enough Mining gaining traction in the US is providing the incentive to build up the power grid with renewables in places like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona (That I know of) places with lots of sun and space, but no reason to use either unless it's highly profitable. Enter Bitcoin.

  10. Dude, this comparison just flames up that crypto influencer will just clickbait everything. There's soooooo many non logical comparison pieces in there. This is making things worse for cryptospace

  11. I don't think most gamers are using anywhere near that amount of power. I would bet only 30% or so gamers actually have a 3080 or higher graphics card. If I load up battlefield I'm only using 180 watts with my 2070 which is perfectly fine graphics. Most high level gamers will actually turn down the graphics to get better fps. I assume that you when streaming are cranking those things sky high for the viewers.

  12. @rabid mining , you want to see wasted electricity put a meter on a cable box , some houses have multiple boxes .and here's the kicker they use a crapload of power when there OFF. If I remember right it was almost 100 watts per box off . And that's 24/7 and more when powered on.

  13. Card vs card mining uses less. However, gamers aren't playing games on 20 gpu's at the same time. So this is misleading. Mining uses way more than gaming if your running a bunch of gpu's. If your just gaming then your more than likely using way way less. It all depends on how many gpus are at play.

  14. I think a lot of people have pointed out already that you'd need to make a total average/median power usage by gamers which is near impossible before you can make a comparison. The other thing that also needs to be mentioned is gaming provides entertainment as well. I don't want to get into the debate with power usage and PoW (although one can hope for PoUW) but making this comparison would also bring up the power usage of T.V.s at home.

  15. This is a very strange comparison. While gaming might use more power momentarily than mining, mining systems tend to have by far more uptime. and for your calculations to have much merit at all, you have to assume that one plays a fairly recent or otherwise demanding game, which isn't the case for everyone at all. I for one have sunk most of my hours gaming, into games that have not been the latest and most demanding. Few games I've played easily over 500 hours barely differ from having my computer idle. I don't find the comparison realistic at all.

  16. the math assumes 24/7 gaming (unrealistic), it also assumes every gamer in the entire world, games 24/7. I'm a "pc gamer" but play a game maybe a couple of hours a month. so i don't agree with the math side of things, however the general sentiment of gaming using a lot of power, i do agree with

  17. This is braindead. A gamer doesn't need as many gpus as they can buy. They need one. They don't operate them 24/7 either. And most of them aren't on high spec cards. This is totally different from crypto. Half the hash power on ethereum could disappear tomorrow and it wouldn't be any less secure or perform any less transactions. Or it could double and it wouldn't be any more secure or perform any more transactions. Look get your bag, but trying to justify this tragedy of the commons situation is pointless because most people aren't dumb enough to fall for it.

  18. Great vid would be very interesting to see how much watts playstation 5 and xbox series x consume as they are also used as entertainment systems not just gaming and could be running all day long

  19. Nothing good comes from gaming, does it? It's mindless fantasy nonsense imo. Go outside and get some sun instead of sitting in a chair pretending to be something your not.

  20. It doesn't matter what uses most electricity, the problem is governments and states are not doing enough to invest into cleaner, greener and renewable energy resources. They can blame gamers, miners and electronics all they want because that's the only tool politicians have, they blame others for their failures.

  21. These new gpus( Lovelace) that will push 400 to 600 watts is nuts. Can they even be sold in California. I know high end Dells today can't be shipped to Cali because of the power the use.


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