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WHY I QUIT MINING ETHEREUM – The Great Hashrate Migration


Great Hashrate Migration
Hey Guys On May thirteenth there’s a group pushed check happening to give up mining Ethereum for twenty-four hours to see how worthwhile will change for GPU Mining as soon as Ethereum is now not worthwhile.

Hashrate Migration Discord: https://discord.gg/C3UuzvqG

CPU MINING Profit Calculator:…


  1. I wish they would schedule it out… pretty basic stuff. if you able to coordinate the "migration test" you should be able to get the community to get behind focusing on a single coin or algo per day and really put it through bigger test, instead of uncoordinated randomness and you can't really see any affect at all… but what do I know, I'm a noob

  2. If you can get the known-numbers to agree, via a platform, and direct them at one specific coin – you should be able to get a better calculation of the relative outcome, and it would have value. You would get an idea of the hash rate the group is throwing at it and then observe the outcome. I would be a part of that exercise for sure

  3. If everyone already know that Ethereum will go from PoW to PoS eventually, why even bother testing/mining other coins ? Why lose revenue of those testing hours ? Sit back & just observe. Once ETH profit is lower, Everyone will definitely start mining other coins.

  4. Just call it a protest man… they are going PoS when premine is still larger than what miners mined and thus mainly benefitting the 61% that holds the premine more or less

  5. Guys,need to know.i have 8 gpu amd radeon asus rog strix rx 6700xt with 375 MH. how much coin flux will I get? is it comparable to etherum / slightly different? Right now mining eth est daily 0.0044 ETH. Thankyou

  6. This "test" is a complete waste of time and bandwidth in my opinion. The real results will come after ETH and IF ETH actually switches to POS sometime in this generation. The only real benefits i see out of this "test" is gpu over clock numbers and that's it….

    I'm still mining away on ETH and will continue to do so and won't be apart of this "test". Nicehash will do everything for me and when things become unprofitable i will begin to shut things down. The amount of people freaking out is unreal i could careless what really happens i have a job that pays all the bills and mining is just passive income and if it disappears for a while or ever i wouldn't be bothered by it. Don't get me wrong i love asic and gpu mining but it's not the end of the world it's only money….

  7. I am pretty excited. I am a firm believer in POW coins and I believe certain ones will pump hard within a few months after the merge. Fact is, POW is the new technology of money. POS coins are merely decentralized and updated versions of the system we have used for decades. And Ethereum in particular is not only about to switch to a legacy consensus mechanism, but has blurred the lines significantly about whether or not it is considered "decentralized". All I see, is a new central bank disguised as a cryptocurrency.

  8. I don't know my brother Rabid, i don't really like to listen random stranger from the Internet telling what to do with my GPUs LOL
    You people seem to be forgetting one crucial thing: This test will be conclusive only for the state of the market on the 13rd of May 2022. We don't know when ETH will move to POS and more importantly what will be the current state of the market during that time.
    So much things could be happening later down on the road: Chip shortage? More disruptive COVID-19 strain(s)? Global market crash? New wars/conflicts? Alien invasions?

  9. how are you sir?? i love your content. yes indeed ive been playing around with other coins and the entire farm in Birmingham UK is ready to shift to other stuff. moving to eth classic is soo easy. now i think price COULD totally collapse when mining stops – its possible because if all the miners dis-engage in eth – who is actually holding the price up?? nobody. i dunno. crypto is weird …its an amazing time to be alive cos no-one knows whats going on – and – as far as i can see the eth devs know as much as we do – which lets face it – is not a lot. i think miners hold the price up in most coins. we will know in a few years if that is correct. 2021 was weird – have we all got the minerals to get to 2023?? have we??

  10. How much of a difference has the new version of T-Rex 0.25.15 had for ETH. ERGO etc?

    It'll be interesting to see your results after the 13th test. Looking forward to it. Great video as always. (Subscribed) 🙂


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