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ZSX BreakOut Board 16 ports AKA The Game Changer Miners Love This Thing!!


(*16*)ZSX BreakOut Board 16 ports
In this video we go over the ZSX Breakout board from Parallel Miner also called the sport changer and with the correct motive crypto miners simply love this factor say good bye to ATX PSUs.

ZSX Breakout Board:…


  1. I got one of these, and I am having a huge problem with using it to power my motherboard/CPU/SSD. If I am, my computer reboots within anywhere from 1-5 minutes, and it fails to properly reboot. I have to turn the power off and on again to get it to turn on. This is repeatable with both an ASUS TUF GAMING B550-PLUS, as well as an ASUS P9X79 PRO. An ATX can run both of these without issues. If I use the ATX to power the motherboard/CPU/SSD, then the ZSX can power my GPUs and risers without issues. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. Wow!. very informative and even more to people planing get into mining. this is an low cost and reliable power supply solution saving some bucks!. now the real nightmare is the GPU shortage. the scalpers are doing his best and make the worst!. thank you for the video!!!

  3. Hai Rabid,

    i just wondering my stupid brain need to ask you for real,
    can this 1200w PSU powered 2 motherboard at once,
    because i have 2 unused motherboard & dont have any PSU now,
    if its capable it would be great right?

  4. Great review, man. just guessing, but that break out board probably needs one of those dummy plugs that ATX psu use to fire up, if you dont have them pluged into a mobo. All they do is short two of the pins to make a close circuit kind of "switch".

  5. im always curious about the noise levels of these psu… can you like have a sound meter to check the deciBels. I like my bedroom rig silent

  6. These boards are amazing, they give to the whole PSU server so much value compare to ATX PSU when it comes to mining, i wish they were a tiny bit more cheaper though, maybe when Aliexpress will start to have them available, sorry Asian buyer here so i have to stick with the reality of my market :$
    Have a great weekend my brother <3

  7. I had my ZSX 3 min before it blew a cap and fried the board. I thought it was a defective board but maybe I used the wrong molex on H110 mobo and that’s why, good info in this vid

  8. The molex is useful if you want to use a small cheap 400 w ATX power supply for your motherboard. Then you would connect the a molex from that power supply to the molex on the breakout board. Then when you turn on the ATX power supply the server PSU will automatically turn on.


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